Do you have a death wish?

Only the fear of inflicting pain on my loved ones has prevented me from killing myself. I don’t even have suicidal ideation anymore, just a nagging death wish.

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If I could go to heaven with my loved ones and family painlessly, like right now, I totally would.

I have so little attachment to this world.

Only thing stopping me is that is technically murder.

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A dream of another existence
You wish to die
A dream of another world
You pray for death

To release the soul
One must die
To find peace inside
You must get eternal

I am a mortal but am I human?
How beautiful life is now when my time has come
A human destiny but nothing human inside
What will be left of me when I’m dead There was nothing when I lived

“What you found was eternal death
No one will ever miss you”
-Life Eternal by Mayhem.
This song expresses my latent death wish


I used to early in my DX, enjoying life now. The closest thing I have to a Death Wish is a copy of the movie with Charles Bronson on DVD now. Medication, therapy, and a recovery-centric attitude put me where I am today.

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Death Wish III - classic!


Sorry to hear that.

I used to years ago. I don’t anymore.

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Same. If I did not have a faith and if I believed that I would not go to hell, I would totally die right now.

This world is cruel and it hates me.


The world is cruel but as turandot would say love is the light of the universe.

I really don’t.

Despite my struggles, I really enjoy life.
I see life as a book, and I’m not giving up until I’ve read the final page.

When I get depressive, I sometimes feel llike it would be easier on my loved ones if I wasn’t there to be a burden on them, but I know they would be devastated if I died. I’ve lost loved ones to suicide, and that took a terrible toll on me. I don’t want to do that to anyone else.

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I do pretty often. I go kick hornet nests online to see what happens now. Turns out most hackers are just trolls because they cant leave any evidence. They arent really that mean either.

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Do i have a death wish? Well, no, not at the moment. In the past i certainly did, and had even attempted a couple of times, but since starting antidepressants i have not had any depressive symptoms. I am in remission! Do you take any antidepressant medication? Do you have someone you can talk to - such as a case worker or psychologist?

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I’m on 100 mg of sertraline, but I’m not technically depressed.

Sorry you have a death wish.

I have a strong death wish at the moment. I was fine a few weeks ago, but i had pms and it made me remember some bad things. I do not want my life anymore and dont believe anyone really cares if im staying alive.

Im just terribly afraid of hell. So i wont commit suicide.

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It’s a little bit of everything. Beer helps sometimes and in moderation. Same with cigs.

I’ve suffered so much in the previous lives, this life, and most likely the next life. Reminds me of the movie K-PAX where the aliens found out the universe repeats itself exactly for eternity. Sounds like my life. I hate it.

Nothing is going to change the fact that I believe in God and Jesus, but I just feel like the Bible isn’t accurate or correct in terms of physics and the universe, unless I’m in some type of causal loop or transhumanism trap. I don’t understand how I could be a Christian or Christianity is true if I am in a computer simulation/program, which I wholeheartedly believe in now. I think it’s like cognitive dissonance or feeling like you believe in one thing but acting/thinking like something else…

I have memories of them telling me I’m from 2036, despite not understanding or knowing that. I cannot understand what is happening or know what’s real anymore. I have a billion looney ideas to compensate for my lack of understanding.

I think I’m better off not being around like William said in “Westworld”, but things could be worse off. It’s quite selfish in my opinion and would destroy my parent’s lives and perhaps give me bad Karma. Plus, I think I don’t want to end up a crippled.

I have my good days and my bad days.

Masturbation helps right now too lol.

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No, but I saw it.

Most of my days are peaceful. I remember years back i thought i am better be dead, but its in the past. Glad i don’t live in a major city. Far to fast to catch a thought. I love daydreaming in my time and pace.
Hopefully nobody starts hating me for living a good life.

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