Do you have a conservator?

My lawyers are talking about getting me one for our court case because of my mental illness. Does anyone know anything about this other than Britney Spears stuff?

Yeah, don’t get one. They don’t come with an expiration date. You need a conservatorship like you need another hole in the head. They’ll dominate your life, and you’ll be lucky if they let you use the bathroom on your own. Avoid. 0/10 would not recommend.

Um. You just described marriage.



A marriage with in-laws. Better to have your nuts crushed between two bricks.

This one would come with an end date of after the court case though, so…

What is your court case about and why are your attorneys considering it? For whose benefit? What are they hoping to accomplish?

I don’t know enough details yet. It’s an institutional abuse case that happened to me when I was 15. I don’t know what the benefits would be. Maybe to take the stress off of me during the case

That’s the job of your attorneys. If you’re party to an abuse case, especially one that occurred while a minor, either your attorneys should find less stressful ways for you to testify/give a deposition. You can ask for a guardian ad lidem which is different than a conservator. If you’re not sure why they’re talking about a conservator, make damn sure you find out why.

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