Do you have a caretaker, to any degree?

  • No, I take care of myself 100%
  • Yes, partially (whether by 1 caretaker or a care team)
  • Yes, someone else takes care of me 100% (1 caretaker)
  • Yes, other people take care of me 100% (care team)

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I have come to a point in my life where I have to admit that my husband is both my partner & my caretaker. I am unable to completely care for myself.

He helps me with medications, helps me with supplements, is present at most of my doctor appointments (because I’m so forgetful and I also have trouble carrying conversation), he watches my blood sugar (on his phone; my CGM shares blood sugar readings to his phone) and helps me make appropriate insulin dosages (I have type 1 diabetes), he gives me insulin boluses (extra insulin) while I’m sleeping if my blood sugar is high, he drives me places when I’m foggy (from fibromyalgia) or because of other health reasons that I shouldn’t drive at that time, he takes care of me when I’m not feeling well, he helps me get ready for bed if I am exhausted and out of energy, and more!

Does anyone else have a caretaker or care team of some kind?

Take care, everyone. :relaxed::desert:

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my ex use to take care of me, now I pretty much do for myself. The thing I get help with is meds. Mental health picks up my meds and gives me one weeks worth at a time. It’s part of my safety plan so I don’t commit suicide.


I do it all on my own.

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My husband has narcotics and our family heirloom gun locked in a safe… for the same reason.

I’m glad they are looking out for you.

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I’m married and I have a cat. I’m policed pretty hard.

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My husband always says we’re in an equal partnership,


He supports me financially 100%.

So I don’t know if I’d call him a caretaker,

But I wouldn’t say I’m quite independent.

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My stepdaughter does quite a lot for me. That being 1. She’s informed of anything official concerning me 2. Since the Covid situation, and on top of that my back pain, she does the grocery shopping for me 3 She mainly comes to GP or other health appointments of mine.If not a granddaughter does. She also makes sure I get my meds. She was planning to re- mastic the bath and sprucing my flat up a bit, but her work schedule has been really heavy for more than a few months. I.e she’s branch manager of a home care agency, but sometimes has to help with the ‘hands on’ work due to Covid related staff shortages.

At this years annual care act assessment she agreed to do an ‘on the spot’ carer’s assessment. That means she’s registered, and can get help from social services re any difficulties that may occur.


I live with my girlfriend and she makes sure I get ready and take my meds and such but I do that stuff on my own anyways

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Idk, I take care of myself but I live with my brothers and parents. I cook and order groceries and food online sometimes. Sometimes I clean my room and help around the house doing small things like moving stuff or bringing groceries from the car to the kitchen. Sometimes I go shop with my parents to help them carry stuff etc


Oh yeah finances, I give all my government money to my parents so they house and feed me. Sometimes I let myself go and buy electronics like computer components, speakers, new cellphone, etc I have been saving lots of money since I gave my money control to my parents as I used to be impulsive with money.

My father was my caretaker in the past.
But now he’s really too old.
I’m kind of his caretaker now.

I really do things for myself, I’m financially independent but sometimes we both get help for transportation.


My ex did a lot of the cooking and food prep for me but now I’m all on my own. I did apply for in home assisted living though so well see where that goes.

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