Do you have a care worker?

I have lived independently as far as living alone goes .

I have managed my cleaning, washing,grooming ,shopping etc except for when I was in hospital.

Right now I feel I need s care worker on a daily basis.

I care for my man who could have ptsd and our animals and home.

But I do not feel I am getting the care I need because I feel like I am not coping emotionally.

I moved interstate with my horse.

I feel I want stability and support.

My boyfriend said he would break up with me if I stress him.

A relationship where we take care of each other but maybe he can not love or care for me .

He has been great to me but my best does not feel like it is enough for him.

I am doing my best to be a good girlfriend.

I can not do more than my best and if that is still not good enough…

I had paranoia about friend and family.

I feel so alone.

Like I do not have a people but if I do they might be aliens cause golly knows I do not seem to fit with any people in world I know of.

I have been crying for days and feel so emotional and that I am not coping.

When he said he would break up with me I can not handle that.

I think if ones partner cares for you…

I want to marry him but we are having difficulties.

It was so good and I was so happy till that picture and he yelled at me.

I pray please help me.

Please help me.

I want security stability love kindness care thoughtfulness humour and laughter affection I want that he would never break up.

I regret How bad I was with Anders.
Others were starting me malicious ly it was not me.

I hope he knows me well enough.

Can my man handle me as I know I need to be cared for…

Am I stressing him out when I am doing my best…

I just feel I need help.

I try to support and care for my man but maybe it is not good enough.

I feel like I need a care worker to help me every day or husband that care for me and organise things and so forth.

The irony is I am educated aged care worker.

I could not do it.
I tried my best and it was not good enough.
I suffered and went sick .
I tried with only one client and still mute and hysteria etc

I need help .
My man has cared for me but I feel like I am higher care maintenance at the moment.

I do not want to go to assisted living place.

Just help me settle in and keep doing my best.

If he breaks up with me I do not think I could cope.

I have been crying just about all day and praying for help.

Paranoia and voices and delusions made me isolate from family and after years of no contact I finally have contact again but only saying hello on internet.

I just repeat please help me.

I have breathing not normal etc.

I am supposed to be a care worker but right now I feel that I need care.

I feel I want to hear will not leave me.

I managed to clean today and do laundry so proud of that but so emotional.

Do you have a care worker you meet with?

Even a spirit that is nice …

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Do u like justin biber…¿¿¿

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I don’t have a care worker, but my stepdaughter wants to try and get me one.


@firemonkey ur daughter is a god …

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I love you @far_cry0