Do you hate peole who takes your words literally?

History in making or as s holes in progress? I mean why would you take what i say so serously and hold it against me? I am not president am i? I think it’s a tactic to confuse people to take what you say so seriously and end relationship or call cops. It’s probably to confuse. What do you think?

I think you should be more careful about what you say.


Does typing in a forum consider saying things?

Yes, it does. If you can’t handle reprecussions then watch what you say.


Especially children take you literally. One mom exclaimed that it was raining cats and dogs and her kid ran outside expecting to see cats and dogs coming out of the sky.

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Of course it does.

Watch what you say because you will be held responsible.

You’re an adult man, you should know this.


If you say things that are so hurtful or threatening to people that they feel like calling the cops or ending a relationship…what did you tell them? Most people arent doing that without reason and i think you need to reflect on yourself (what you tell people, how you treat them), instead of blaming them. Words can hurt and scare people a lot. I dont know your situation though.

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