Do you guys have

akathisia? And what do you take medication wise, or otherwise for it?

I get akathisia pretty bad every night, in one foot or the other. I take Cogentin, as needed, for it. Seems to work pretty good.

My home remedy is to put my foot or feet on an ice block at night. That freezes the discomfort off my foot/feet. But, I only put it on my foot/feet for a few seconds because any longer than that and it hurts and is very dangerous. So, I wouldn’t recommend it to you guys.

I seem to get this akathisia from my night time dose of Seroquel.

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I take 1000mg of magnesium. It works really well for me.

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I get akathisia if I’ve been overly stressed. Usually at night or early morning. I just go through it until it abides, usually 30 mins to an hour.

I used to have akathisia really bad when I was taking haloperidol. But I switched to Rexulti and it’s much better.

I had akathisia when I was on Maintena but I don’t for whatever reason on regular Abilify.

I have akathisia that varies in strength from time to time. I do a lot of pacing when I smoke a cigarette, but I’m able to sit at the computer for a decent amount of time. Cogentin didn’t seem to do much for it, some nights it seemed like it worked but other nights it didn’t. I’m on propranalol for it now and don’t notice any difference with it.

I got akathisia from Amisulpride. I felt restless during the day which made me hard to do reading.

I take magnesium I guess it is for akathi

I get akathisia from olanzapine after I take it at night. If I take it some hours before bed then the akathisia sets in, but if I take it just before bed I don’t get it.

What helps for me is to get on my exercise bike and cycle till my legs tired. Then I can sleep well.

I have had it for over 5 yrs, along with the odd extrapyramidal movements

but it has really taken off lately
been cleared for Tardive Dyskinesia and Drug induced Parkinsonism today
real relief, but as far as daily life goes, it is now noticeable

i pace like mad if alone and if i keep that up i’ll shortly be doing that in public too