Do you guys have problem making eye contact?

I have struggled with this since childhood. I don’t want to make eye contact at all.

I feel scared or awkward when I make eye contact. Also…I just cannot focus on the camera when I’m trying to record a video. I’m always circling around.

Does anyone else have the same problem?


I avoid eye Contact as to many people misunderstand it for staring. Sometimes when I look to strangers we nod and smile to each other.

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Depends who I’m talking to and what mindset I’m in. Family is pretty easy. Strangers a bit harder.

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Forgive me if I’m wrong, but I heard eye contact is disrespectful in Asian cultures.

I have no problem with it, people seem to like those with green or blue eyes.

I have massive issues with eye contact. I avoid it with most people.

I avoid eye contact. As someone in my past constantly stared at me and we made prolonged eye contact for a period of time. It happened numerous times that we made so much eye contact with each other that I started hearing his voice. Now I avoid eye contact with anyone.

I am awkward person in general… i try to avoid eye contact so i don’t have to speak to some people but othwerwise it’s ok…

Occasional eye contact when talking to people is normal here.

But staring a person that you have no idea who they are is rude in my culture.

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According to my autism assessment my eye contact was ‘not well modulated’

I used to not make eyecontact at all, until people started pointing out that I was being rude and flakey.

I still don’t like prolonged eyecontact, but I’ve gotten better at the conversational kind.

I don’t make eye contact.

If I sometimes avoid eye contact, it’s deliberate, to avoid confrontation or when I feel very guilty toward the person. But in general I can sustain eye contact and I encourage everyone to try and do the same. Why? It proves you’ve got nothing to hide or be ashamed of, also you can read each other’s feelings or intentions faster.


Don’t like it too much unless I’ve very close to the person. I feel like people can read into me, and learn things from my eyes

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I only make eye contact when I’m talking to family members, and even then it’s a struggle.

I really struggle when it’s someone I don’t know, like the pharmacist or someone who works in my pdoc’s office.

yep, one of my delusions is that people can read my mind. Eye contact just makes it worse, it seems. But I’m working on it.

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