Do you guys go by reviews?

Getting addicted to the internet :confused: anyway anyone get swayed away from watching a movie based on opinions

No I do not trust movie reviews at all.
People pretend to be very sophisticated. It is hysterical :joy:

I used to read movie reviews just for fun because they are funny with criticism.

I check reviews of restaurants though.

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Ha ha I agree. I don’t like the majority of the blockbusters. I feel there are so many movies that don’t get the credit they deserve.

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I generally check out what the website rotten tomatoes says about a movie.

But I rarely watch movies though.


They end up spoiling the movie.

I check the scores (metacritic/rootentomatoes).

Any good psychological thrillers that I haven’t seen?

I generally refuse to watch anything that has less than 6.0 on IMBD. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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It always comes down to personal opinion. Some movies I really love have terrible reviews! And I don’t agree with them at all!

So if you think you would be interested in a movie you should watch it regardless.

Yes checking out reviews have saved me allot of time and money.

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