Do you guys get upset watching

That’s really not what I thought the film was saying.
It was talking about how our surroundings shape us, and how society fails to help, and sometimes people feel entitled to do terrible things in response.

But you are meant to empathise with his plight to some degree.
From the very beginning people are hostile to him for just having a laughing disorder - something he clearly doesn’t have control over. I thought it handled the subject of mental illness very well.

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@Twialine Yes. To the public, when these characters display psychotic symptoms, many associate violence and mental illness and many times schizophrenia. Not sure what the Joker suffered from cause I couldn’t get into it. Although it gets so much praise.

I really don’t think you can comment sincerely on something you haven’t even watched.

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The last time I got triggered by this was Stranger Things season 2 (mild spoilers)

In the beginning of the season, a psychologist in a mental health ward is telling the kid with hallucinations of a fantasy world, that he’s having a “breakdown”. They do not however say “psychotic breakdown”. But I was like “cool, they didn’t say psychotic breakdown but close enough I guess”

Few episodes later, the hero of the film says to the bad guy “you’re psychtoic” in that cliché hollywood way that we’ve all seen - where he clearly means psychopathic. Its a common error but it was made so much worse by having the “you are suffering from a breakdown” scene.

I was really angry about it for a few weeks. I don’t think you can tread on mental illness issues like that, and then ignore it a few episodes later.

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Yeah, true, I can’t judge on Joker. In general mental illness portrayed in Hollywood keeps me in the closet about my Schizophrenia. I only share it with my partner and one sister.

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Wouldn’t say I get triggered. Annoyed at stupid stuff, sure, but it’s not like it ruins my night. My remote has an off button.

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i loved firefly =D
and River Tam is great


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