Do you guys get upset watching

Movies and TV with how Sz is represented in characters. Are you guys able to watch without getting upset or triggered?

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Depends on the show/movie. It’s hard to find realistic things to do with mental illness. Still. Some things aren’t too badly handled. I didn’t mind A Beautiful Mind. I thought that had some humanity and the movie Angel Baby was well done…

I don’t watch a lot of films/tv these days so I might be out of the loop but it’s not triggering. If I would feel uncomfortable I’d just stop watching it…

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I watched “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” before I got sick and after. Didn’t bother me one way or another. “A Beautiful Mind” didn’t bother me either.


I watched a documentary on BBC about a mental hospital, and it made me pretty upset.

Never again will I be going to one of those damned places. Hate them so much


which do you prefer - jail or the ward

Yes it does, to watch the move Joker it took me 4 days to watch it.
Because before the movie was made, I told my pdoc that I like to make people laugh and he said can you make money out of it.

He made sense though, then I was thinking to be a stand up comedian but for that I needed common sense or so called the funny bone.

Anyways we need to face the fear with meds as one would come out of fear.

Example: I attended about 65 interviews in span of 3 months to land a job and gave up trying. Funny thing is I got a job when I did not try for it, I said to self, let me accompany my cousin for an interview and there I was selected.

We need to get over the fear.

I am not letting you know you have to face all movies but take it slow if you wanna watch it.

I could not watch Joker within 15 minutes I swore it off. Although people loved it. It made me really sad.

I been in jail and the ward. If I had a choice, social workers in the ward and docs at least gave me my meds. But both are not places I want to be.

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the last one I saw on sz. was a documentary on PBS, since, in my opinion there aren’t too many shows to watch on our illness, but this one was VERY real, and I really felt for this young man who didn’t want to take his meds, and cops kept coming to haul him to ward or jail, so yeah, I was upset, but learned a lot.
they didn’t show him with many positive symptoms, and he wasn’t suicidal
but if I was him, and his dad, who never came down on him,
I would have just taken the meds.

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I preferred the ward. Food is better and you have marginally more freedom and prospect of being released

Jail has some nasty people in it, naturally making it a genuinely horrible place to be

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Ward is better than jail of course, you are more free and can do more stuff in a ward.

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i can watch most movies. but when it has to do with sz it’s a bit hard sometimes… but it really depends… i think most movies are ok as i can sense it’s just movies.

i think the psych ward… i haven’t been in jail but from what i can imagine i wouldn’t like to go to jail

As bad as psych wards are, they are all like 5 star hotels compared to jail. Seriously folks. Ain’t no comparison.


I am having a hard time watching ‘big sky’ on my tablet — all the men are stupid or manipulative or kidnappers or psychos or murderers or creepy and so on ---- all the women are smart and emotional and clever, it’s kinda like watching the lifetime network — bleh.

However, it’s hard to watch because there is some riveting dialogue, one guy in particular just gives me the creeps, at the same time I kind of like watching that show …


Jail sucks don’t go there…

It depends on the portrayal, for me. My favorite schizophrenic character is River Tam from Firefly. Her schizophrenia causes her to get into loads of trouble, but over time she starts to learn how to work with it, and becomes a helpful member of the team. She never would have gotten to that point without the love and support from everyone around her. I think that is an important message. That, no matter how sick you are, with the right resources you can accomplish great things. That needing people is a good thing. That it is important to believe in people when they are too sick to function, because they can only get better if they believe they can get better. That there is no upward limit on recovery. That we are all secretly government-trained assassins who can kill 50 people bare handed. Okay not that last one.

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Most movies I have watched where a mentally ill person was a main character I have liked because I can identify to some of it, and so I guess people who never were mentally illl can learn a little from it.

The movie that impacted me most was “Birdy”. Maybe it’s just because I watched it recently. Really good movie.

There is most definitely a wide Rift between the reality of schizophrenia, and it’s pop culture representation.

I have found that it is still widely believed that schizophrenia = split personality. That is dissociative disorder, a completely different animal altogether

I loved it. He isnt meant to be a schizophrenic in the film.

I think I can see @Kxev. Point @StarCrazy if I am correct he is saying that it gives a bad image of anyone with mental illness it kinda says “they arr all bad or evil and they can snap” am I right @Kxev

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