Do you go from being a train wreck to fine in 16 minutes or less?

For me it can happen within minutes. I go from feeling like an emotional wreck and physically too, to feeling perfectly fine within a few minutes. My brain and body felt fried and now it feels in balance. I changed it merely by switching online atmospheres.

Certain things have triggered me in the past to feel this way, such as merely being in a chatroom with screwy/bad/hateful people. I used to get that a lot in the past, but not so much anymore. I feel like I can sense their energies and it repels me from their presence. Do any of you also sometimes feel infected and repelled by the types of energies people project out?

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My entity will also repel me from certain environments and attack/control me when around certain people.

I’ve been called loco a few times when I went from rant and rave anger to pleasant and helpful in zero to 60 seconds.

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Wow !!! Remember my post I’m totally fine now but OMG that half hour I was a wreck.

Yes, it is amazing how things can change so drastically. Like I said, if you become serious about suicide, up the meds. But who knows, you might not need them.

How long does your pdoc think it will take you to get off the meds?

5mg for a month then 5 mg every alternate day for a month then I’ll be off them but I don’t think I can do it I will need other meds if not antipsychotics.

I think all of us can feel that way about anybody at times, but it does seem that some people elicit that more than others. I can change moods pretty quickly, from bad to good, and from good to bad.

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Very much so - i get it a lot with on-line interactions - there is a lot of ignorance, judgement & hate on-line. i don’t get it so much in my off line life - i choose to hang around with intelligent & decent people.

Am very glad that i’m separated by a computer screen from most people.

People don’t think - so they judge.