Do you give yourself a hard time?

For me i think about your past and hate myself and kick myself while i’m down.

I’m a good person but most of the time i feel worthless.

One problem is i feel as i can’t move forward in life.

My therapist helps my self asteem

She compliments me a lot and tells me I’m great

She’s been my therapist for years as a result


I give myself a hard time. I find it kinda weird that I hate receiving criticism from other people whilst at the same time I torture myself with my own self criticism.

Sometimes I do.

I am my own worst critic yeah

I have aspects of my personality that I probably should hate, but I just can’t seem to get rid of them. I give myself a really hard time about some things.

I feel bad when I give people a hard time especially on this website because we are our worst critics. We know every single thing about ourselves that noone knows and then we use that stuff to critisize ourselves.

Remember to love yourselves and treat yourselves with respect and to treat others the way you want to be treated, which I am still a student of.

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It’s also good to speak to yourself as you would a good friend. If you wouldn’t say it to someone you love then don’t say it to yourself.


Yeah especially because of the weight gain. I can’t wait til they develop the perfect medication

I hate myself and tell myself that I deserve to die. I think that I’ll probably go to hell when I die, even with the grace of Jesus. I just read the Bible and I see a bunch of my faults in the negative character traits, and almost no good qualities. I look pretty good to most people as a person, although boring and unaccomplished, but inwardly I know I’m very evil thanks to the psychosis. Before the psychosis I had a excuse for everything and thought i was a good person, but that’s just because i was good at hiding my flaws to most people, including myself.

Yeah, I definitely do. There’s a part of me that believes that I’m not that bad of a person, but like mortimermouse said, I am my own worst critic.

Jesus said, “blessed are the poor in spirit” which I believe you and I fall into…don’t be hard on yourself @sea00115699

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I used to be really down on myself. I joke about my big belly most of the time but it really degrades me inside. I used to be good looking, now I’m just a fat old guy…hurts to no end…oh well. Some day I will get my youthful look back after I die, I look forward to Heaven a lot. It’s one of the biggest hopes I have.

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@seriouslydisturbed Yes I’ve been keeping track of my thoughts, feelings and behaviors (I’ve been writing these thoughts down) and I’ve come to the conclusion that I am mean to myself’. So now I’m challenging these thoughts and trying to be kinder and understanding to myself and others. I was pretty sick but now I’m slowly getting better. Two steps forward one step back. So glad I’m getting help and learning about coping skills and taking care of myself. Saying nice and encouraging things to yourself is part of taking care of yourself.

I was never beautiful. I’ve had acne and been fat forever. Even when I lost weight i was still ridden with acne. I’m 25 and still have acne. I hope for heaven too.

@sea00115699 This might sound strange but I started washing my face with dandruff shampoo and I think it helped clear up my face.

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It has taken many years… lot’s of therapy… and lot’s of help to let go of my past.

I still take it really hard when I get corrected. I have confidence to do what I know…

But I’m not that good at trying new things.

I beat myself up a lot.

Again… therapy helps me let go of some of it… but it does build back up at times.

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I stopped giving myself a hard time. I figured whatever I’ve ever done wrong in life has been paid back in my suffering 10 fold. I have enough people that give me a hard time enough already and condemn me without any trial. Instead, I have become my own best and greatest advocate. I say anyone who accuses me of having wronged them, let them accuse me to my face, instead of lurking in the shadows, and let’s take it to court where I can defend myself.

I don’t like losing it and getting it symptoms.I have self help with the Recovery method. When I run into difficulties, I apply Recovery to the symptoms and they become less severe. I don’t think I have ego problems. My main difficulties are with understanding and speaking with other people. I have a little problem with women. I fit in as an outsider.

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