Do You Get Suspicious of New Posters?

I do.

I check their bio to see when they joined the site.


Sometimes I think there’s people in here specifically to troll and maybe even mess with us ( those are very very lowlife people who mess with us ), so yeah, sometimes I question posts and their posters. It’s hard to tell, but the best rule is if someone is being a jerk, call them on it.


We had 2-3 trolls this week.

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I am at the stage again where I don’t recognise a lot of people or their avatars.

Never too sure if loads of people changed their names, or their pictures.

doesn’t feel like the same people here now and I find it difficult to keep track.

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IDK. I always feel flattered when a brand new poster likes something I’ve written. I don’t know why.

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Sometimes yes I do get questioning if a person is just making fun of us.

It used to be a major problem on the old boards.

It takes a while for us new users to get hold of how the rules are on the forum, both the guidelines and the more not so obvious guidelines (social conduct)

It took me 5 years to gain Patrick’s trust, I ain’t gonna blow my cover now…


We were all new once,

Keep that in mind.

That being said,



Jokes on them I’m suspicious of everyone :joy:


There’s at least 3 people here I’m suspicious of. They seem to be mocking aspects of my life that they couldn’t possibly know about without knowing me. One of them, I won’t name names, just joined the site a few days ago.

Yes my brother briefly signed up here but I got him he left now it’s just watch . I don’t mind.

No. If someone hasn’t responded I’ll go out of my way to say something. I think it’s important to let the new people feel welcome. As @anon54386108 has pointed out…we were all new. I think it’s natural to feel a little paranoid in this forum. I know I get the odd bouts of paranoia but it’s often about what others are saying…not necessarily the new people. I too get paranoia about everyone.


I agree. First impressions count and newcomers will remember how they were treated when they first arrived. It’s important for them to have an initial positive experience.

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There seems to be lots of new names and several posts I’ve read recently are clearly not by people living with schizophrenia. I think this site is probably getting over run by trolls and jerks looking to use us as their entertainment. It’s getting creepy.

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I think many lurkers want to join our site but don’t have the Schizophrenic credentials.

I mean, we are kind of awesome aren’t we? :wink:

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It’s hard to police but I think we do get tourists. Still. I joined back in 1999 and know how bad the moderation was on the old site. Mind you there was a sense of community too but it ended up being nasty.

Like no offence. I think some people with different diagnosis can negatively affect this community. I used to fight it but I try not to these days. The thing is that if you use psychosis as the standard then your going to get those who don’t necessarily suffer a lifetime like most people with sz.

Saying that. Moderation is the best it’s been for years. It’s not easy and there’s always politic when people get together. You can’t beat politic among humans.

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I have schizophrenia which is why I post on a schizophrenic site. If I was diagnosed bipolar, I’d be posting on a bipolar site.

And if I had dementia, I’d be answering the clothes iron when the phone rang! :joy:

Okay. I think you all get my drift.


Yeah…I’m coming around on that point. Years ago there was a bi polar sister site. I presume @SzAdmin probably knows the story more than me. It failed and I’m not surprised by that.

STill. The modern interpretation of things is bi polar at one end and sz at the other and a lot of crossover. We draw the line with psychosis here apparently but that can be problematic. Drugs, different symptoms…it’s a murky world. I do hear your opinion though but as a very old consumer of this site I’m moving to more acceptance. Some people still piss me off and float my understanding but with the levels of moderation and decisions made we aren’t doing too bad…

It’s still a valid point though. :slight_smile:

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Having suffered through hallucinations and delusions (psychosis) should be the entry ticket. Suffering from highs and lows and anxiety or depression are tough mental illnesses to deal with but none of it constitutes schizophrenia. is a site for people living with schizophrenia. I have no interest in serving as entertainment for people. For educational purposes of caregivers or friends or family members perhaps ok but then again this great site has served as my private sounding board with my partners in suffering and triumph and I’d prefer to make it and keep it an exclusive club. I need the sense of belonging and acceptance my friends who have endured the real thing share with me. I don’t think should be transitioned into a washed out general purpose mental illness site / forum.

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