Do you get stir crazy?.....Cabin fever?

I do. I fear the day my car finally breaks down and I won’t be able to get out of the house. I’m looking for a better bike so I can do more of that. How do you guys deal with the cabin fever?..kill time?..get out?

A few years ago, I was pretty happy just sitting in my head. I could blank out and just drift around in my head for days, if someone let me. I just sat and had no intention or compulsion to move. But now that something has shifted and changed and I’m living in the world outside my head, I do get cabin fever. It’s still a little odd for me to WANT to do things. I don’t know what really motivates me but I do get cabin fever now.

I don’t really get stir crazy . I don’t go out much but that’s the way i prefer it.

Something I’ve noticed about myself is I like to wonder. I hate to stay in one place for very long.

I do get stir crazy, I feel much better when I go out…maybe not socializing but walking and shopping is enough.

Me too. I usually have no real goal, I just like going place to place. This store to that store, basically accomplishing nothing.

i need to get outside all the time, i do not do well in small rooms.
take care

Doubt I would notice if the world ended…until I ran out of food in the house.
Unless I have an escort (I hate the word “babysitter”) to leave the house, i find myself outside at the oddest hours. I forget to have a clock in my house and wonder why there are very few people outside and the sun is nowhere to be found.

I get stir crazy a lot. So I get out and take a 2+ mile walk every day. And I also try to walk the perimeter of my apt complex every 2-3 hours or so.

If not, I get really agitated and restless being inside so much.

I used to drive and LOVED it that I could hop in my car and go. Then when I became physically disabled I could no longer drive…so have been stuck here in the middle of the woods, high up on a mountain (which makes taking walks impossible) and I don’t get out unless a friend drives me. I have several people who go to my church who drive me to doctors etc. I order my groceries online and have them delivered. I do have usually maybe four medical appointments in a month. Often my dad will take me and we go to stores and out to eat in addition to the appointment. I LOVE that. I don’t know what I will do when my dad gets too old to drive.

You have your groceries delivered?! That’s awesome!!!

Going into large, busy grocery stores is very hard for me, as it triggers my symptoms. I usually have my friend do my shopping for me. But sometimes, that’s difficult.

Is there a website you use for this?



The sis is the Queen of They have a grocery section.

There is also a safeway online. They offer a one hour delivery window…

Hope this helps

Wow, thanks J! That was really helpful!!




The kid wanted me to give you this link as well…

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I get my groceries from a grocery store that is about 45 minutes away from here. It’s called “Shop Rite” and the program is called “Shop at home” They charge you $6 for the delivery and if your order is at least $100 the $10 fee for them to do your shopping is waived.


The link to the shop Rite site is here. YOu can go on the store finder at the website to see if there is a local store near you who delivers.


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I can go to the little shop on the corner for milk and bread and cereal. But I’m trying to get used to going into a store. I still have trouble sometimes. The QFC by the university is open 24 hours, and it’s so quiet after 10:00 p.m. that we do our big weekly shopping on Friday nights around 11:00 p.m. There is hardly anyone in the store then.