Do you get pain with your sz

Do you ever get a lot of head pain with your sz like headaches or just plain pain in the head

I was getting daily severe headaches just prior to my diagnosis. Thank goodness I don’t have them anymore. The only other pain I have is an arthritic/bone type pain in my hips, at the injection site where I had depot injections for a year. I don’t take any pain medication for it though.

Yes. Currently 7/10 when I lie down. Just ouch.

No. I guess I’m lucky.

I have body pain in the neck shoulders and back chronically but I had that since 15 when I just had bipolar. Didn’t get the sz symptoms til 30 and the pain’s maybe a little worse now. It’s just general soreness all the time and if someone squeezes me there it hurts for a few hours.

My pain is more psychological, emotional.

Yes, I get head pain.

No head pain but I have chronic pain in my left arm.
I’m pretty sure that risperidone caused it.

@Wave. Do you think that you might have a pinched nerve in your arm?

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It’s interesting that you say that. I got in a headache today when I was in/on the edge of psychosis.

I don’t know, it could be @Moonbeam.
I’ve had it for a while.
My family doctor didn’t seem concerned.

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