Do you get moments of psychotic thinking even when taking meds

and are stable. Moments like you can be sitting at your computer clothes shopping and you have a intrusive thought that your being poisoned or something else. It takes you to think about it to work out its not real. Do you think that without the medicine that intrusive thought can swivel into bigger thought and turn into severe psychosis? Do normal people have the same kind of thoughts?

I get paranoid thoughts even on meds but when I’m off meds it becomes an emergency situation.
I will become highly delusional and paranoid.

I’m considering injections of Risperdal Consta.
I become dangerous off meds.


I dont go to psychosis ehen on meds…but i get racing thoughts but they pass.

Yes I do. My pdoc calls them breakthrough symptoms. I feel like I shouldn’t get these things when I take a high dose of meds, but I suppose I can just be grateful that it’s no longer a multiple times a day occurrence.

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The brain in a vat thing comes up once in a while. I used to get vivid images of it. I’m 99% cured of solipsism though. I learned not to care and rarely get anxiety about it. I don’t get panic attacks anymore.

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I’m more worried about inception being developed. That would be my version of hell.

It is like I go in and out of a state of psychotic state. My mind is chaotic and I am struggling.

I’m frequently scared of thought broadcasting. It seems to happen rarely, in the distance. I can’t bear being near open windows because of this.

What is thought broadcasting to you? I think my mind can be read remotely. Is that what you mean?

Yeah, I feel that people in the distance can read my thoughts. It doesn’t happen as much with people directly in front of me.

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I often find myself believing to this day after over 26 years of psychosis that the voices in my head are real people. I think everybody has those intrusive thoughts but are less aware of them because they don’t believe anyone can hear it. The belief that others can hear your thoughts makes me aware of all the bad thoughts I literally have and is the true horror of schizophrenia. And yes I know that going off the meds makes it as bad as it ever was.


Man. I’m so sorry you have to go through this. I guess it’s hard for me to blame the brain itself for my thoughts. In the past, I blamed brain implants even though I had zero evidence for them.

The meds don’t help my delusions or paranoia but they help with insight. The frequency of my delusions and paranoia has changed with meds. They’re better than nothing.


For me I think I still have mild delusions. I’m convinced my care team have secret folders on me. I can’t prove it but I’m sure they do. Plus I had a fallout with my housemate some weeks back and I kept having intrusive thought that he was poisoning my food and drinks and that resulted in some pain I was having in my back. Every time I kept getting the thought I had to mentally go through a list in my head detailing why he wouldn’t poison me but then kept getting thoughts on why he wanted to do it. I think the meds give me more insight.

Yes. 1515151515

Nothing that definite. The feeling of a presence in my flat. This mainly occurs at bedtime. Like I’m expecting someone to turn up out of nowhere. I can rationalise that it’s faulty thinking but when I’m going through it it’s hard to shake off . Occasional functional hallucinations ie hearing muffled voices when the toilet flushes.

If ordering a pizza this coming Saturday even though they cost $25.00 is psychotic thinking than the answer to your question is yes.

I must be psychotic if I’m spending a quarter of a hundred dollars that took me two days to earn, on a round, messy food that cost the pizza parlor about $2.00 in vegetables, $2.00 in meat, and 50 cents worth of dough to make.

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Yes I do. Alien sometimes gets the upper hand with me even when I’m stable

When I’m under a lot of stress, I get psychotic thinking sometimes even while on meds. Once the stress dies down, the psychotic thoughts go away.

no, never, the meds help everything.

If I had breakthrough moments, I wouldn’t let it slide,

and call the doc right away.