Do you get into things other people get you into?

i typically don’t, my interests are narrow and they haven’t expanded much over the years. sometimes there is this thing people do, like my voices do it too, where they talk about a topic i know nothing about and it kinda pisses me off, not my ignorance, but the thought they are trying to get me into something else than what im already doing! i basically ignore lots of stuff on a given day, and only focus on things that interest me.


There’s someone here who thinks I need someone to talk to. Her conversations quickly go to ‘Jesus Christ my savior,’ And asking about my experiences with religion. I take the hook and talk about things I don’t want to. The best I can do is cut her off and leave

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I find the most efficient tactic is to mortally offend this type of person so they avoid me in the future. Saves me the energy of having to avoid them or make polite excuses.

Be prepared for blowback if the individual in question is one of your wife’s relatives.

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