Do you get enough sleep?

Im about to have a 2 hour nap. I have one everyday in the afternoon, after work usually. Its the meds I take that let me sleep. Before I took meds I got barely any sleep. Maybe 5 hours. Now on meds I get a full night sleep and a nap every day. I love it. I love dreams/nightmares. Its a new adventure everytime you go to sleep. Im about to have my nap now. I hope I dream about natalie portman laying eggs in my garden


Yawn. I’ll be counting sheep tonight.

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Sounds nice to have a nap
I don’t need naps I go bed and when head hits pillow I sleep well till morning

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I’m trying to see how long I can stay awake .

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I just slept 8 hours. Good morning! :blush:


Slept in the end but nowhere near enough. I can tell because heavy eyed and weight has blown up again to 234.0(from 231.8 Sunday) . Lack of sleep and salt plays havoc with my weight.

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Good morning!!! :slight_smile:

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I’ve had a few nights of 10 hours but mostly I sleep about 5.

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I guess I’ve been sleeping like a normal human being for the past three weeks. About 8-9 hours a day. :+1:

Did you sleep even with the sarcosine you started? I might be starting Geoden. Today I go see my pdoc.

yeah, it took me about 30 minutes to fall asleep but it was ok. I really hope Geodon works for you. Fingers crossed. :purple_heart:

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Do you like the sarcosine? I should be getting profrontal this week.

yeah I do. I took it again today morning and I noticed major improvement. I even went for a long walk. More energy and motivation. I even did some cleaning and cooking. I’m taking 0.25 scoop. It’s really little.

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Great! I miss my motivation. Just got an email from an old friend, and she is doing beach body coaching. I’m happy for her, but a little dissapointed, that I don’t like working out anymore. Maybe things will get better!

yeah for sure. you need to push yourself a little bit. that’s what I do. you look pretty good :sunglasses: I’ve done several beach body programs. I’ve thought of becoming a personal trainer. Maybe one day!

Yes the phenibut gets me to. Sleep

I really need to see a sleep clinic to get it looked at. Just it’s very much out of my price range.

during my time in hospital i remember to have slept really well for some time but weeks prior to my release the sleep was really at its worst i slept for like 4-5 hours and didnt get any improvement of my mood. after the release the sleep lasted for months this bad but then it got better and now i sleep like 7 hours every day. its nothing like before the schizophrenia though where i had sleep times of minimally 9 to 10 sometimes 11 hours. and i remember always being refreshed when waking up and starting the day. nowadays i feel the same when i go to sleep, feel the same when i wake up and feel the same during the day.

My sleep patterns are all over the place. Last night I slept from 7:00 to 11:00. Then I got another hour from 3:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m. Sometimes when I get a full nine hours of sleep I’m just as tired as if I got four hours. I think it is because the adrenalin in my system has crashed.