Do you get bullied and harassed in public?

Not always. Some people hallucinate the images/sounds even on recordings.

Well that could be fixed if they share the sounds and pictures with others to see if they hear and see it too @ninjastar

I’m pretty open about everything, it’s bound to happen.

yeah a lot of that goes on online it seems but the op said he was just going to the store and they yelled names and threw something at him.

In ward, I heard a black lady through my wall say stupid c-unt and what do you expect they’re gay. I started laughing I couldn’t breathe.

I almost said thank you to her.

I normally try to make jokes about it when people make fun of me. I find they never know how to react when that happens.

yeah but strangers throwing things at people, that’s not ok.

I’m thankful I live in a town who cares about the homeless. One of my hospice workers also helps the homeless find housing. She a real inspiration. My whole hospice team are really nice people.

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Yeah stupid ass people yelling ■■■■ at me when they drive by. I’m just walking around town. Asshats. ■■■■ em.

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the op is a she

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