Do you get bored easily?

If you do - is it a character trait or it’s the disease?

It may be anhedonia from illness… which med do u take van…???

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I used to before I got sick. That’s why I loved school so much…to be challenged.

Not really, but I don’t think I’ve ever experienced anhedonia before. Maybe you could try reading something that’s really fast paced or exciting.

I do get bored easily when I am not working or doing something productive. I live in a rural city and you need a car for everything. I use my bike a lot to get around. the city is kinda boring no nightlife/fun things to do only filled with restaruants , shopping plaza’s, malls,etc. its nothing like Toronto quite the opposite really.

I do get irritable and impatient ever since psychosis. I dunno wat is med n wat is the illness. But before then I did not have this

I’ve been bored my entire life. In class I would have As the first few months and then drop out completely. I’m college it was the same I dropped out of four courses in two years and I know I would have done well. I have three jobs and am constantly finding and abandoning new interests. I can’t keep friends and I really don’t even know if it’s me or my illness.

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