Do you get bad head rushes?

I get terrible head rushes when i stand up or if i stretch


I started getting that from quetiapine. So I need to be mindful when standing up. I inhale first and stand up while exhaling and this has fixed it for me. I read that we have a tendency to hold our breath while standing up and some of these meds cause a drop in blood pressure when standing. Together it can make you pass out.

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Same for me as the above comments.

Quetiapine/Seroquel gave me orthostatic hypotension when I first started it. Still does occasionally if I stand up too quickly from sitting, laying or kneeling. Makes me feel somewhat dizzy, lightheaded or like I may pass out. Other meds can also cause this. I guess this might be called a “head rush,” but I am not sure if that is the same as what you are referring to.

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Cbd makes me nap and gives me ‘head rush’

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