Do you get asked about your forensic history when you get admitted?

I do. Every time. They don’t ask about that on a general medical ward

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what does forensic mean?

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Criminal 15151515

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Yep. Every time I’ve been they ask.

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yes they ask me that…

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Plus did your ward have security cameras?

No they didn’t. It was my first and only time admitted to a brand new hospital though.

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Never. But when I first got admitted I thought I was guilty of attempted murder. My wife nearly drank herself to death and I was her enabler. My mother in law and my sister in law drilled this into my head. She nearly died and they blamed me.

They messed with my head. I told this to my doctor and he told me I couldn’t be charged with that. But they kept saying over the loudspeaker any one who wanted to confess to a crime the police were there and to come into the Day room.

I was in the military and out of the hospital and I walked into a Generals office and demanded a courts martial. He said “For what?” I didn’t say anything and just walked out. Took a lot of nerve to walk in there though.

They all had cameras though. Lots of them. Some you couldn’t see. There was a camera by where I slept but I didn’t see one in the bathroom so I went in there and was going to stab myself in the juggler with a pen. They rushed in and stopped me. They took my pen away. I never got another one. I didn’t talk much so they gave me a pen and a pad of paper and told me to keep a journal to share with my doctor. I never wrote one word.

Man I don’t miss any of that stuff. So glad I am not in that place anymore.


I have no criminal history. I was on the closed ward for a while during my last spell in hospital . It was fairly strict but much fairer than the ward I was previously on. I was on there after an altercation with another patient who had been tormenting me . That closed ward included people who had been transferred there from prison . Ironically I was allowed to leave hospital from that ward.

That hospital.

The first hospital I was in.

They always ask if I have a criminal history or any outstanding warrants/legal problems. But I have no past or current history so it never goes anywhere.

They ask me about criminal history and if I have any debtors after me or been declared insolvent

I have a few for drunk and disorderly and criminal damage from punching a pub widow.

When I first got known to services I don’t think I was asked, although they did have my forensic records not long afterwords, in the U.K. if you are acting bizarrely/mentally unwell the police have powers to detain you on a section 136 and take you to a place of safety to been seen by a approved mental health social worker (AMMP) These 136s remain on your forensic files as well as if you’ve absconded from hospital. I have loads of 136’s on my file…

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No, never. But they do sometimes ask if I’m prone to violent outbursts

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