Do you get any?

I mean this question in all seriousness: if you are a single person with sz, do you have regular/ casual sex? Question can be for men or women… guessing the majority of us don’t hook up too often

No, I don’t. Don’t feel like I need sex when I’m not in a relationship.

No I don’t. Happier this way, to be honest.

Since I started when I was 14, I’ve never had a period of sexual inactivity for very long.

yea, all casual. just got dissed by two of those hook ups for wanting more than casual.

old flame came back into my life, casual for now, but I am not in the mood for too casual unless I have more hook ups, then I won’t feel jealous if either one of them finds more hook ups.

no one out hook-ups me! just kidding, I’m not too promiscuous…

I’m kind of lucky in the bedroom, but not lucky in romance. :frowning:

No, there is way too much risk involved, in several ways, not worth it. Plus, most men are terrible in bed, and if they don’t even care about you because they just see you as a pump-and-dump, then they will be even more awful. Why risk diseases, violence or pregnancy with some random guy who might be psycho, and all for awful sex? When I give myself 10+ orgasms hassle and risk free on my own? Wouldn’t make any sense.

No. For a long time I was burdened with a macho attitude about sex. I got it when I was in the army. It took me a long time to get over it. Any all male environment is going to foster macho attitudes about sex, unless it’s a gay all male environment.

You know, in my teens, when most awkward sons of bitches can only dream or if not than fumbling awkwardly with some hookup, we took maybe a day off here and there from our sex life. Not to say I haven’t known long and dark periods of being alone. From my late 20’s into my early 30’s I ended up horrifyingly surrounded by male companions, no sex to speak of. This broken only by an amazing party in the city at which I met up with old friends I knew from my farm days, much love, much naked pool love followed by a good baking in the sauna. Then there was this unbelievably immature 21 year old I dated mostly over the phone, though after years of no sex I find myself alone with her and you know what? Nope, not happening, all on my part.

Never been one for the hookup thing, all my hookups turned into much more than that. Never met anyone over the internet. With all the memories that came flooding back in my mid 20’s and which have since peacefully reintegrated or are just simply there as one of life’s many mysteries, I wonder how many women, for I believe I loved only two, but how many in reality?

I know I’m too much of a sweetheart to blend in with the hookup scene, known a few, only times I’ve been friend zoned, twice, if you can count nudity and sharing beds being friend zoned. I don’t know, I figured it out for myself and detest any other way. I guess it has to feel right as I very early on associated it with strong feelings and emotional ties.

I suppose my first was with a girl much my senior, bonded over adderall and Greenday and went swimming one day down by the river. Who knows how many and you’d never believe who. I have the slightest hope of perhaps finding the missing pieces to the puzzle that is my life in my older years. But now, nope, not much to speak of, not much of a sex drive either. Burnt out I guess.

Not really… I’m not that good in casual hook-ups. This actually went better for me when psychotic. I would just see many more women that I’d like during that time, you know, like that first day of spring where you’d notice beautiful women everywhere all of a sudden. I’d be making more of just a glance or a smile from them. The thing is, it doesn’t even really mattered that much whether that initial smile on their behalf was actually intended or whether it was my psychosis making more of it. For I’d take it as such and show more interest myself. And obviously in some cases that’d be enough for them to notice and it would get things going, we’d get into conversation etc. etc. I didn’t enjoy sex when being delusional though, with the voices commenting on everything and the feeling I was being watched and all that.

Nowadays it is more that I do not even notice them… Obviously, I see as many women as before, and obviously, some will be interested in me. But do not quite see them as interesting in that way, and do not take their advances as signs of interest but rather as ordinary conversation. So a woman approaching me in a bar out of nothing is obviously interested in me to some extent, but I’d be rather blind to that in the moment… I turned a bit blind to the signs of the other’s initiative and do not take as much initiative myself as I used to. I guess I come across often as polite but not interested in them in this way.

in a committed relationship that has yet to be consummated…just don’t feel the need for it…plus I don’t want to risk kids and I was a broken condom baby so yeah…

Only in my dreams! :grin:

I haven’t gotten laid in two years! And I was diagnosed four years ago. But honestly relationships are too much to handle for me now

yes, Me and my girlfriend have sex but not as much as I’d like…she’s always worn out from her work and I am too nonchalant to press the issue. I feel sorry for her so I lay off.

I haven’t been laid in almost 7 years, since I got sick. The medications make a physical relationship impossible, I have no sexual functioning and zero feelings. That’s why I get a little anti-psychiatry at times because I hate the meds for this reason.