Do you get anxious with transitions?

I love my job and have no issues with it. However, every day before I have to go to work I practically have an anxiety attack because of the transition from doing nothing to having to go drive far away and start working. It is not the work itself that stresses me out and once I actually get to work and start I am fine. It is just right before I have to go that my anxiety gets really bad. I can get that way before going out for social outings and other things too.

Does anyone else experience this? Not sure how to cope.


I feel this too. It took me months to return to work because I had to work on that … i was nervous and scared because I felt I had a meltdown at work so was embarrassed… i got there and all was normal and felt good to be back… however the anxiety kicks in outside of work as I scrutinise situations that happened and feel so embarrassed… i have not done anything to feel this bad but im now not able to go back

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I used to feel that way before heading into work when I was a CNA. What I did was leave 30 min early and sit in the break area talking with 1st shift and the early 2cnd shifters. It allowed me to relax and before leaving home I was looking forward to that part of work. It really helped.


I did the same thing @DearZombie does. I always made sure to arrive 15-30 minutes early so I have some downtime to eat a snack or whatever before clocking in.