Do you get along well with folks dx as bipolar?

I find this different friend I talk to sometimes so difficult to predict he has bipolar, so does a female friend I made at support group too. It is different from a thought issue I guess to have severe mood swings. One day he is happy and optimistic and a help and another he is so despaired, hopeless and I was wondering how you get along with your friends with different mental illness from you? I never get that depressed even if I get withdrawn I guess.

My boyfriend is bipolar. He is stable though so I have not seen any mood swings. On the rare occasion years ago he heard a voice and when I tell him about my hallucinations he acts like he knows what its like. My hallucinations are visual and telepathic and when I’m not well they are constant. He hasn’t experienced living in psychosis with constant hallucinations but he always refers to that one time he heard a voice. I also have a friend who has depression and anxiety. We can relate to each other’s anxiety. :sun_with_face:


My dx changes from sz to sza often so may make a difference. But yes get on well with many BPeers.

A friend of the family was dx BP in his late 60’s. Was always the most supportive person in my life.

An ex who I loved to get back in contact (we really should of only been just friends) was BP.

Also a BPeer I met at a support group I felt sparks when we first met. A weird experience as never had an emotional reaction to someone since the late 80’s. She was also like 20 years older then I was wondered where this was all going at the time. About the only person I’ve really been able to talk openly with. Currently trying to get back in contact with her.

Friends in hospital etc etc etc.

However people dx with BP1 do seem to trigger me. Only noticed it with some women and can even happen over the net.

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When I was about 24 or 25 I had a friend who was bi-polar. Back then they called it manic-depressive. He was about 20 years old. When I met him he was stabilized on Lithium. He was the most normal guy you could ever meet. He had a job teaching troubled kids. We used to go to the park and throw a baseball around, or we went to a few San Fransisco Giants games up in Candlestick. I lost touch with him but we had some good times back in the eighties.

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Having Bipolar type 1 myself, i can honestly say that I can be pretty moody - one second happy and optimistic, the next second irritable and angry. I have been to Bipolar sites, and I dont get along with other bipolar people so much - we can be very grandiose and sometimes difficult to deal with - with that said, I am on medications that seem to tone down my mood swings a bit, but during times of some stress, and I will unravel quickly, and my moods will shift back and forth.
I am not purely bipolar, as I have some SZ undertones to my illness.
Honestly I get a long better with people diagnosed with SZ and Schizoaffective - they are usually more predictable and seem to be more in touch with their feelings, so it seems - more down to earth.
People with bipolar can act Godlike at times - and this is connected to manic episodes - I have been accused of being cocky and tyrant like - especially when I am a bit high with my moods.
I do suffer from having Bipolar - it is no picnic, especially when I cannot control my moods - it is very frustrating.
I have psychotic features with my more extreme mood swings, and I have mixed episodes where I will get depressed and manic at the same time - not fun at all.

I am sorry that you feel this way - Let me know if I unintentionally say something to trigger you, I have pretty good insight and try to stay on top of my symptoms

Sorry @Wave was worried you might take that comment to heart. I haven’t been triggered at all on this site.

If anything I’d take it as an early warning signal that you weren’t doing well and would mention it to you.

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My wife is bipolar, stabilized on lithium, and we get along OK most of the time. Her moods are like 3 of the seven dwarfs – happy, grumpy, and sleepy. She doesn’t get depressed on her medicine.


Well I’ve had quite a few friends with depression, one friend with social anxiety and bipolar disorder (we are not friends anymore though…she was…oh man…and the fact that we were friends when I was stuck in a nasty paranoid delusion didn’t help either, so it was sort of my fault too), I’ve had a friend with panic disorder, and autistic friends. (Aspergers)

I can get along with most people regardless of there dx as long as they are a reasonable and respectful person.

I know my own moods I can be happy and cheery, or cocky and condescending, or withdrawn and hiding

My sister has bipolar and I live with her and my parents. It sucks, my parents like the chronic schizo better (me! The pumpkin king! :jack_o_lantern:).

I think I give the wrong impression that schizophrenia and IQ, ambition and achievement are all positively correlated. I’m just unusual and perhaps an outlier. Nah take that back, the professional opinion is that I am an outlier because I have a severe chronic case but I sure as hell have other things going for me too.

My youngest brother got diagnosed with bipolar 1 last year. Before his official diagnosis… before he got help or tried to get control of himself… He put my sis through 18 months of hell.

That made me so angry. I was ready to write him off. But now that he’s stabilized and working to get a handle on his life… I find he’s a lot easier to get along with. He and my sis have been working to make amends.

The weird thing is… I don’t know if we trigger each other or if we’re in synch… but it seems if I’m having a negative patch… he’s in a depressive patch. Or if he’s in a manic state… I’ll begin to feel a bit manic too.

my wife is bipolar, and my dad is bipolar psychosis nos. I am sz. i get along with the both of them very much as we are all beneficial to eachother, and all live in the same apartment.

My brother is bipolar, we don’t get along. We fight all the time, we both have short fuses and rampant paranoia.

Hey I didn’t know that happens from day to day! I may have it too, and be sza. Someone once told me this happens for long periods of time, one being depressed and then being manic.