Do you fully accept your SZ/SZA diagnosis? (POLL)

  • I do, absolutely
  • I do but with caveats
  • Sometimes
  • I don’t but I trust my doctors
  • I don’t and I don’t care what anyone thinks

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I do accept it with caveats like I think there’s a past life, karmic aggression towards me and this affliction is about control and suffering and pain directed towards me. Sort of like the only logical explanation for my existence and safety.

Like I think when someone gets too smart or reinvents the wheel and doesn’t go with the flow of society or the culture, they get ■■■■■■ up basically lol.

Not sure why I’m in a open causal loop that comes from a singularity, I guess…and starts from 2036 (allegedly) and ends in 2011. Like I wake up sometime around 2011 or even 2013 like my life starts in 2013 in this universe and it’s like Groundhog Day or Edge of Tomorrow where I can trip and break my neck, loop back in time, and hope and prey it doesn’t happen again. Except I got schizophrenia as a side effect from whatever. I also believe we live in a computer game/simulation where we are constantly being watched from ‘above’ and monitored by aliens. Not only that, but it repeats itself starting from 2011-2013 approx. for me. I guess that’s where I split off the universe. It always seems to be like I appear from space-time out of nowhere but it feels totally and exclusively mental like mental time travel. I don’t know. Maybe the laws of physics change around me but it seems like I just start existing and re-living life.

I know I’m crazy, but I tend to think there’s a deep meaning and reason behind everything about my life. My life and memories and reality do not make sense to me so I just try to figure things out about myself…

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I know it has been suggested to you before, but you should a ‘thinly fictionalised’ account of your story.

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I accept the diagnosis. However I am not convinced I need to be taking these pills full time to ‘prevent’ a relapse in my symptoms.

It’s a big ask to take all this medicine ‘just in case’.

Also I am yet to have a scan on my brain, and a specialist show me my grey matter is less, or any other tangible evidence other than me acting like a psycho, which is not surprising given what I have experienced in life.

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I’d like to a get a brain scan too.

I was a textbook paranoid schizophrenic for two solid years. Totally out of my mind. I’m a lot better these days, but I cannot deny that I went through all the symptoms in the DSM. Therefore I’m never going to argue about my diagnosis. As far as I’m concerned, I’m a partially recovered schizoaffective individual.

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I have been diagnosed by 4 psychiatrists and by a disability committee. I don’t have doubts anymore


I just know what happens when I get off my med’s. It’s not good.


I Accept 100% i got Sz. Its the only diagnosis that fits me.

I also know 100% that im gonna be on meds the rest of my life.

Fighting it, just hinders your recovery.


I don’t think I have a mood disorder on its own like what the consultant says. I think I might have sza.

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I don’t know. If I do. I mean they are just trying their best. So it could become something else as time goes on or it could not

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