Do you fully accept all sides of you?

Well it is personal im a mess alot of people have insecurities

Oh, for sure. Insecurities are a part of everyone’s lives. Just depends on how a person handles them.

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I had therapists i didnt even talk about alot of issues im bizaree

Well, talk therapy is one form of a solution in psychology.

I am still learning to accept my mental/cognitive limits as I age faster than most of my peers.

I have plenty of insecurities. I steal them from other people when they’re not looking.


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I am a perfect example of being maladjusted. I don’t understand a lot of social situations, and I usually do something to make any given social situation awkward. I have tried to change this for so many years, but now I’m working on accepting that I will always be awkward, and my superpower is to end any unpleasant conversation simply by opening my mouth. I will gladly give a dissertation on the Fraggle Rock as an explanation as to why our society is so fragile.

The point is that I am learning to accept that I am socially awkward, instead of conforming to make everyone else comfortable. Its okay to be awkward. Its okay to have a “dark” side. As long as your not harming anyone dark really isn’t that dark. I have some weird kinks, and some people would claim some of the things I’m into are weird. It took me a long time to accept someone of my kinks and interests, but through exploring that side of me I’ve learned that everyone has a weird side.

Walking forward in life it is my goal to do no harm. As long as that key principle is observed, I accept all sides of myself.

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does the inside count? most of the time its other people who dont accept me

I might fully accept all sides of myself if I knew what they were. The first problem is finding them.

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