Do you fully accept all sides of you?

I do

That is how I feel well and at peace ‘‘mostly’’

If you had fully accepted yourself for who you are,

You wouldn’t get so upset when people disagree with you about dumb stuff.

Shows insecurity, among other things.

Sorry, @pedro27, you’ve got more work to do.

We all do.


Lets judge others

when we are prefect

No one is perfect and I’m free to judge who I want.

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Just meant enjoying myself as a good overall person

On this journey of life!

I’m happy you’re enjoying yourself.

I wanna add to other peoples happiness and I do

espically my son

same blood like

Can we accept just our backside?
Please discuss


I do, except the inside that’s gross stuff in there.

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I don’t accept my right side.

It offends me.


I’m very impressed by my front

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I need a support for mine. I’m too heavy, uh, y’know…


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Acceptance is a weird thing.

Like if I accept my flaws then that is a good thing, but if one of my flaws is that I like to club baby seals to death, then accepting that particular flaw might not be the best thing, for the planet, as a whole.

So no, I don’t accept everything blindly, but I do try to discern what is ‘part of me’ and what was ‘put there by trauma’ that I can either choose to adopt or reject, according to who i want to be.

The important and fiddly part that I am still working through every day, is to reject what is bad for me, without rejecting ‘me’, and to do so from a position of self-love.

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Sir level loans out his 2 ton floor jack to stabilize velocis front

Do you have a second one?


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My dark side is evil

I have insecurities about alot of things

Can you be more specific on what “a lot of things” are?

No sorry i cannot tell you honestly

Well that’s a great way to start things off