Do you focus on one game or you spread your time around

I tend to focus on one game,I don’t know if I am consider as a gamer because once I get into play a game,a game with multiplayer I don’t touch other games…

I cannot stand games with story,it bores me.Anyone same as me?

I’m the opposite, I prefer games with a story and some roleplaying aspect.
I also like sandbox games, like Minecraft and Sims.

I tend to fluctuate between games, depending on my mood. There’s a game I really want to play, but I haven’t got a mouse. It’s called ‘Day of the tentacle’ and a friend bought it for me as a birthday present

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Im the same, I don’t really consider myself a gamer, but since I have been unemployed I have been playing Age of Empires 2 every day. I see it more of a game of chess than entertainment. I have like 800 hours on it now and I hover about 7 or 8 thousandth best player in the world. It never gets boring though, it is different every time and I like the challenge.

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