Do you find it irresponsible to depend on doctor so much?

When a friend or mentor could help better. I know we need the meds, I’m referring to emotional neediness. We’re not babies. Sometimes I find doctors treacherous as well as expensive.

It depends what the problem is. If it’s a medical problem then I don’t mind relying on them.

If it’s an emotional problem then I don’t go to them for that.


I don’t get anything but meds and a few standard questions from my pdoc. My other doctor I depend on for check ups and diabetes meds and whatnot but do not depend on him for emotional needs either. I don’t have a therapist or anything so…no I do not find it irresponsible.

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I dont find it, nope… if you have a good relationship, a pdoc can help a lot…
And we are in need, they can be a good help yeap…
Me, I dont see my pdoc very often and I dont talk much to him and this is not good either…
It’s ok a bit of emotional neediness from your doc, it’s no problem I find :slightly_smiling_face:

I like how a good psychiatrist is practical and analytical. They focus on your illness, your symptoms, and how to manage it with medication. They don’t really cross the line. Most of mine have been like this. For anything else like @everhopeful said, see someone else.


i depend more on my gp doc than on my pdoc. But i have known my gp doc all my life and that prob makes the relationship a bit stronger.

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Gosh, that’s great. Did your gp doc deliver you?

Friends are not therapists and should not be treated as such.

Some things are better left to the professionals


no she was too young then still. When i was a kid she was like at the end of her teenager years and i played at their house with her brother when there was birthday party.


her father was my gp doc at that time.

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