Do you find invega activating?

I’m worried that if I have a heart attack or something they won’t be able to put me to sleep or that I might wake up during surgery because the invega is so activating

I’m not sure what you mean by “activating”, but Invega made me feel like crap. I’m glad I’m off it.

I am not a Dr but I don’t think that’s possible. When I had surgeries I fell unsconscious pretty fast, the anesthetic is too strong that even if you drank a gallon of coffee you’ll fall asleep. They can increase anesthetic concentration and administer a stronger anesthetic.

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If you’re worried just ask your Dr, he knows.

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It just feels like my brain is on all the time and when I do fall asleep its because I pass out from exhaustion then I just have a light sleep where I dream the whole time

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