Do you feel

Do any of you feel a little sad, or a little happy around the holidays? I have mixed emotions right now. I looooooooove fall, and the holidays, but deep inside I’m a little sad. The little bit of sadness, keeps me from fully enjoying the holidays. I love the coming season’s. Does anyone feel this way? My brother travels so far away, as he’s a trucker, and I worry about him. Maybe I’m sad about that?? I don’t know.

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I like the food. and always buy Christmas gifts. but after Christmas is over, I usually get a little depressed and have regrets about spending so much money for Christmas. giving gifts seems to feel obligatory and I don’t always get cheer about it. so that makes me a little sad. I’ve already done my Christmas shopping this year and feel good about it so far. maybe this year will be different.

I used to always love new year’s when I would go bar hopping. but now I just reflect back on my wasted alcoholic years, where I could have finished school, or stayed employed and have a lot more money or even my own house by now.


I always feel a bit strange during the holidays.
I like fall, except for the weather. Same with winter.

I love xmas, but it will never be as magical as when I was a kid,and that saddens me a bit

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