Do you feel your privacy is at risk as a result of using this forum?

Yes, it freaks me out sometimes, but having a place to communicate and learn about sz and feel “normal-ish” is worth it.

How did this happen?

I’m not too concerned but I spent years with my name and face online for writing gigs. My book links to me pretty easily. Ran into some internet a*holes plenty.

Even had a bunch of Romanians follow me around online in 07 because of a post a former blogger made on a blog I took over. That was fun. Not.

I find this site far more secure for identity purposes than FB and Twitter. No one knows who you are if you don’t tell.


No, I don’t think so, because I’ve been on this site like 5 years. Nobody figured out who I am. :grinning:

I dont know. Moderators said (i think, i can’t remember exactly) it was because on my own computer or one i have used before, it kept track of what i do. But other people can find it too. I dont know. I never shared my name on here, obviously.

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Google keeps track of everything you do and tailors all your search results based on that, especially if you have visited a site many times.

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Thanks! But why does google connect it to me (my name, not my smartphone or pc) looking at this site?

I know in periods im on the site less, it comes up much lower. So i do think this is the issue. But why does it connect it to my name?

you may have mentioned your name once or it’s because you search yourself a lot and clicked on right after.

Hm. Neither, I think. But google has all sorts of ways to track you of course.

A lot of my posts, especially the older ones can be found on Google.
But I’m not very paranoid participating on here.

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nope…nothing to hide…met my wife on this forum about fifteen years ago…don’t try it…two schizophrenics don’t work…need one normal if that’s at all doable.

I’ve been using duckduckgo for years and I feel safer for it.

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I’m Not Worried About it.

I’ve Got NOTHING to Hide.

:snake: :black_heart: :snake:


Sometimes I do. I’ve only posted a selfie a couple times, but I poofed them pretty quickly.

I trust a lot of people on this forum though. And I like to think they trust that I won’t blabber their personal details to the world.


What is there to worry about? Nobody is that interested in me and fb is way more public than this site

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If you google my full name I am a famous stripper. No joke.


I wasn’t but if everyone keeps talking about it I might get paranoid even if I shouldn’t. Regret being open now on here. Just want a safe place to be myself where I don’t have to censor my thoughts for everyone’s comfort. Most ppl in my life don’t know or care to know bout me or my diagnosis. Though I worry about my privacy it has been nice to feel welcome here. I did a search and can’t find me. So that’s good!?!?

This is a pretty safe website.

I think you’re fine. :sunflower:


no but i dont give out any personal information.

I understand! Im using it too now…