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Do you feel you r productive?

  • yes
  • no

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I wish I did any Adulting.


mostly no one will let me be. every time I get a job, they try to sabatoge and then complain people don’t work.


I’m probably not productive work wise, but I’m productive doing my own thing.


I’m productive doing my own thing too, for someone else it might seem like nothing but for me it’s a great achievement cos I feel all the effort and discipline.


Ha. Not at all.


Easily tired. So not productive at all.


Volunteer! If you can’t work find a place where you can get some structure!

I do a couple of half days at the cricket club. It’s an hour away so it’s a decent drive to get out of the house and the grass is always growing!

I just mow the grass mostly but I’ve learned how to prepare a quality turf pitch for cricket. I could take those skills further but It’s just not worth it for me. I do well without work and that is how it’ll stay for the short term at least!

I would totally recommend doing something. Even if it’s working on your fitness! You can’t lose out of that!


I finished reading a good book today: Shadow Tag by Louise Erdrich. To me, that was productive. It was about love and human relationships, and how, I suppose, love can kill. Guess I’d give it 4 stars.


Yes, I have work that I can sustain. So I feel quite productive. Just not as productive as I had ever hoped. Maybe that will happen in the future.


I have worked myself to death.


I’m probably not productive to society’s eyes because i don’t have a job. But I’m productive in my own eyes because I always stay busy doing something or other.


There’s no sometimes option, so I chose yes.


I realized somewhat suddenly how dissatisfied I am with the way I spend my time. But I am doing quite well for someone with 37 years of schizophrenia. So it is not a simple yes or no question.
A big part of my life revolves around 4 days a week doing data entry and getting enough sleep every night. My weekends have a few bright spots but are not very full.
At least I am not having my psychotic symptoms. But now I am hoping for a little more satisfaction.


I said yes cuz overall I’m doing stuff, but I think I just failed my most important final so maybe not


Yes, I have too keep myself busy so I won’t overthink about some stuff.


That’s a great concept for me to learn: not to overthink. When I have a day free of activities I think I do that. I come up with some ideas that are irritating to others and just plain wrong.
But I will say this. A few minutes of good thought can save me from much future suffering. I see this in retrospect.
So there has to be the right amount.


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