Do you feel you have your self respect back?

During psychosis and hospitalisation I lost it. Now about 3.5 years later I think I’ve finally got my self respect back.


Hard to get it back when you never had it!!! But to answer your question, yes I have it now!!

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Personally I never felt, even when sick, like I have lost my self respect.


I think to really do that, there are many things I’ve never done that I must do.

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I think I MAY have my self respect back. For the most part I do anyway.

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My what??? Yeah…no

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I can live with myself and don’t mind the person I am.

I’m a bit more self involved…but no different to a lot of normals. I’m peaceful and fun still…even with some serious baggage. So yes. It was hard going through psychosis. You question so much stuff and your entire being becomes in question but you move through that and onwards.

We all are humans and we all deserve some dignity.

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