Do you feel you can beat mentall illness?

do you feel you can beat mentall illness?

I don’t know if I can beat it…

But I can live well despite it…


ive bet it by finding inner peace my journey is now a happy one

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Yes I think I can.


transformation is the key

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That is my aim
I will have hope

I fought the law and the law won. I came off meds for 2 years and ended up in hospital. So no, as far as I’m concerned, I tried to beat it, but lost. I have far less confidence now.

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Resources and insight into decisions : no one should feel helpless no matter label.

I rise above problems, and solve them :eggplant:

No one beats it.
Give in to it to get your powers back
Can’t be fought and conquered
Accept it and realise your own strength


I’ve learned to co-exist with it in peace.

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Some days I feel I have. Other days not a chance

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