Do you feel tired easily?

I keep dreaming of keeping up with my dreams of functioning real well and then the fatigue hits me evening time and I MUST rest. it stands to reason since I was so sick with sz for so long and it must have used up all my energy.

do you push off this feeling of fatigue or do you chill and rest and relax or both?


I get tired even when I haven’t done anything all day.
The more I relax and take it easy, the worse it becomes.
Moving around and doing things slowly give me more energy.

Eat when you’re hungry. Rest when you’re tired. Traditional Japanese wisdom.

try and eat a lot of protein might help a little bit !
nighty, night…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
take care

I get tired easily, even low doze of risperdal makes me tired, we cant escape from it, the only way is not to be on meds, but that is almost impossible.

the meds help me sleep. I love them. without them I am a freak of insomnia.


I drive my partner crazy with how easy i become tired. Just today, i took my latuda 160mg and i felt so tired that i kept yawning. So my partner made me a pot of coffee to try and keep me awake for awhile longer.

i find the less i do the more tired i become…not maybe enough to sleep but to just lay on my bed on my laptop or phone, whereas if i get up and do things i feel a lot more energised.