Do you feel the same way? POLL

I don’t say this anymore, think it sounds too dramatic, but this was an expression of mine from back in the day:

"If a person could look inside my head, what they would see would give them nightmares."

I’d say it’s pretty accurate for me, with all the trauma I was put through as a child, and as an adult. Hell, my psychotic breaks were traumatic experiences for me. PTSD is another diagnosis of mine, stemming from childhood abuse (sexual, physical, psychological, verbal).

Anyway, do you agree with my statement, that if someone could look in your head what they would see would give them nightmares?

  • yes
  • no

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Idk if this is more of a PTSD thing or a schizo thing.


Maybe this is a dumb thread, idk. I’m just bored.

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My mind is chaos, mayhem, horror, void, nightmarish

Maybe if they look into my past, specifically my childhood. I dunno. Feeling pretty upbeat these days.

People would get very irritated with me & they do.

Wouldn’t give them nightmares while I’m on Risperdal.
Off medication and things would get a bit spooky.

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Oh yeah. I’ve had people cry over my life story, which made me feel so wonderful about myself, /sarcasm.

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Feels like a sensitive area for me at the moment, but I voted ‘no’ right or wrong here…

For something, I still replay mostly pleasant dreams to myself while sleeping at night.

The only literal nightmares are like being in a chair taking a ‘100 facts’ mathematical test straight out of third grade. Actually that’s not a literal example but trying to read letters in a dream state is impossible and sometimes my dreams bump into that type of mundane thing… and it’s not refreshing sleep.

it would for sure when i’m not on meds… right now it’s ok i think… but about the past, for sure…

If people knew my mind, I’d be in a really bad place, well not too sure, but yea. Not worth to risk it.

Hate being secretive

not anymore on meds. im actually pretty peaceful thoughts, despite my occasional outbursts.

Absolutely not. My mind is a boring place due to apathy (ie. poverty of thought and feelings).


When I tell people my life story, they are usually consumed with hatred toward my father, mother, and ex husband. Rage really. Especially if they love me.

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