Do you feel sometimes that you do not know anything?

Sometimes I do, it is as my mind was blank.

All the time! It’s rather discomforting. I feel like I “used” to be intelligent. It’s frustrating to stand in front of the coffee maker attempting to remember how it works.

I once went to show someone how to use a can opener and drew a total blank as to what I was doing. You should have seen the look the both of us got haha.

All the time…

sometimes when everyone I meet seems to write code and knows tech like the back of their hand… I do feel like I’ve missed the boat of general knowledge.

I have the hardest time with the washer and dryer. I hate it when I put the cloths in the dryer first, then the washer and when the cycle is done… the cloths are wet.

That used to throw me to no end.

I’m getting better about that.

“All I know is that I don’t know nothing…and that’s fine” -Operation Ivy (song from my youth)


Oh… you did not just go Operation Ivy… That was more my style when I was young… then into Rancid.

It was hard being a Ska / Punk in Grunge country.

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Nice. Me too. I was a total ska/punk kid for a good while. We had an all ages alt/ska/punk club right down the street :smiley:

I often feel like I can’t do anything. I’m scared I’m getting Alzheimer’s. My mom had it, and I’m getting to that age.


People do it too me sometimes. I learn stuff that I want to use but I know too much and my brain gets overloaded and it ends up that I make the same mistakes. When am I going to learn to ignore my jerk of a co-worker?

APPPPLLLE STRUUUUEDAL! Send him to the western front.

I laughed when I read the question…

For me it depends on my cognitive function of that day,I can do a very difficult math question but at sometimes I can’t even do a simples ones

I feel like a complete retard some times. I forget where I was going/driving. I forget everything, what I’m writing too. I have to read over and over.

When I am at my pdoc my mind goes blank. I believe it is voices that empty my head of thoughts.