Do you feel refreshed after a good sleep?

I don’t feel refreshed at all… I feel irritated. It wasn’t the case before sz. Before sz I always felt refreshed when I woke up from a good sleep.


I have had that problem for a long time. Whenever I wake up, be it 9 hours or 12 hours, I still do not want to get out of bed. I am irritated for a while after I get up. On the weekends I am irritated for 2 or 3 hours. I have bought a smart watch and I am monitoring my sleep cycles. I get about 10% REM sleep. (Normal is 15 to 25%.) I am going to make a graph and give it to my doctor.
In the past I have had 2 or 3 sleep studies in a lab, but they only kept me until 7:00 am and they told me I do not have sleep apnea.


I don’t wake up refreshed. I blame coffee.

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Sometimes it takes me two or three naps throughout the day to finally feel refreshed.

I rarely had REM sleep, I could count the number of Dreams I’ve had in 20 years on my fingers

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yes, it feels like a new day.

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I don’t sleep as well on Abilify as I did on Zyprexa and Risperdal. Maybe because Zyprexa and Risperdal are really sedating.

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Wow you are lucky.

i feel refreshed when i wake up in the morning, luckily… can’t say i feel bad when i get up. When i have to get up earlier (really rare) then i feel not so refreshed…

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