Do you feel like you get adaquete rest?

Do you think you fall into a deep sleep at night or just a surface-like sleep?

Do some of you think you are dreaming while you are awake?

Do you get up early or sleep in late?

Do you get a lot of sleep or just a little?

Is it quality rest or not so much?

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  • I have both deep and shallow sleep. I seem to be in the dream phase of sleep a lot, but I can sleep through all kinds of things, and at the same time, wake up the moment someone enters the room.

  • I have heavy daydreaming, but I don’t dream while awake.

  • I sleep in late when I can.

  • On a school night, I get maybe 6-8 hours of sleep. In the weekends, I sleep as much as I can.

  • I almost never feel rested.


Usually I do okay. If I’m really upset I have trouble sleeping. Then it gets to where I sleep too much, if I’m not careful my patterns get messed up. Sometimes I’ll get up early just to avoid the dreams I’m waking up to.

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I usuallyy do OK but it is a struggle to do OK. I get the odd night of bad sleep. It is only of late my sleep has been good. I get up early around 6:15am, and I’m asleep around 10:30. I might awaken during the night sometimes for an hour.

Sometimes I have a nap during the day but not too often anymore.

I feel rested in the morning but half way through the day I get tired. I think my medication makes me tired.

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I get deep and long sleep. I always wake up real early in the morning and pray. Then, I go back to bed and sleep in until noon. That’s my pattern. I always go to bed around midnight.


I have a sleep disorder where I never go into deep sleep, but I do alright. Every few days I take sleeping meds to help me get enough rest.


I think I sleep pretty deep most of the time cause I have a lot of dreams


Late sooooo late

One extreme or the other I’m either working on 4 gallons of coffee and 1 hour or I’m waking up from a 16 hour coma.

I need some better quality nightmares keep waking me up.

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I don’t think I fall into a deep sleep at night because I get up too often to do so. On the other hand, I can recall very vivid dreams, so maybe I am wrong.

I don’t think I’m dreaming while I’m awake.

I get up early to get my kids ready for school, then go back to sleep.

The amount of sleep that I get varies greatly depending on how well I did that particular night.

Sometimes it is quality rest, but sometimes I am left wanting. Again, it varies. I wish it were more regular. I have a lot of issues with sleep.

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I sleep deeply but shallow at the same time. As of lately even during sleep my mind is racing with thoughts and I end up waking up and then waiting for the brain to shut off so I can go back to sleep. Couple of months ago I was having the hardest time sleeping properly because of all the nightmares and waking up every few hours during the night but that hasn’t been happening as of lately.

The days where I don’t work a 12 hour shift is the hardest because I end up sleeping for 13 to 14 hours or just laying in bed until I have to work and even then I’m not well rested. I exercise vigorously for 4 days out of the week which I think seems to help but it’s the racing thoughts in the middle of sleep that mess me up.

But usually I’m sleeping more than usual.

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im currently waiting for a sleep study to be scheduled…i feel exhausted a lot and like i havent rested at all, yet i have trouble going to sleep. its weird.


I believe I sleep deeply

I often feel I’m dreaming when I am awake

I get up early, sometimes after only 4 hours of sleep, like tonight

I get between 4 to 17 hours of sleep each day depending on level of depression

I get quality rest when I do sleep

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No I can’t sleep at all lately it’s so difficult. As soon as I close my eyes and try to do so there’s nothing to distract me from the voices and it’s just like I’m in a black void surrounded by them. It is the most horrible thing. So when it hits my bedtime I become terribly anxious and end up barely sleeping which just makes my symptoms worse.

I was perfectly stable for MONTHS until my normal routine was thrown off temporarily when we went on vacation for a week. It is now a full MONTH later and I am still not recovered from that. What the hell. Makes me very, very hesitant to want to go on anymore family trips in the future.

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Yeah, I usually sleep like 10-12 hours a night

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I sleep for 12-14 hours very deeply. my sleep is sound. I have never problem sleeping.


with all the blue light i get 7.5 hr average (down from 9.5 hr) after a long time addicted to a waking screen time disturbed state all night every night on a bizarre self destruct.

That could be also how i (very badly) coped with the trauma of the 18 months of psychosis i had in a short time, when i was about 30
the waking dreaming thought no one slept and just dream together etc
it was a bit like choosing a second unhealthy boyfriend discovering the internet and the original chat room

i am now committed to sleep for health

i’m reading a hard back “Why we sleep” its compelling
cancer, obesity, stress, dementia, you name it

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I usually sleep pretty sound. It’s just getting to sleep with the stupid voices and visions which make no sense. :zzz:


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