Do you feel like world is spinning around you?

Do you feel like world is spinning around you ?
I talk daily to intelligence agencies they prefer not to mention their names they tell me everything before it happen they threaten each other us threat nkorea
And nkorea threaten usa…etc
All as thoughts my head

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the world is spinning so much that I do not know any longer, which is left and which is right, a joke

somebody once said to me ‘do you think you are a center of the universe’ … my response ‘my little universe’ …

but the news agencies get their news much after some other agencies do … there goes spinning :smile:


I feel the world is spinning around me because it exists only in my head.


Intriguing reply, Zeno. If carried to a further extreme this statement could be the next frame-shift in our way of thinking about the universe.

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Spinning too fast for me to keep up with. I take refuge in better, vanished times. Except for my desktop, my state of technology is very primitive. If the parts were more available, I’d restore my old Olympia typewriter and bang away on it – except there’d be no one reading my writing like now – in the blink of an eye.

Its too bad that probably we will never know. :frowning:

yea i believe its spinning at 23.5 degrees

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Yes. It sometimes seems so to a disconcerting degree.

no I live in my own world with loved ones. If i choose to look beyond i might waste my time here. we are about good movies and food, talking, friendship. it stands still and only twirls if i go there. which i do less and less of.

No the world overwhelms me.

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