Do you feel like life is passing you by?

Not in any bizarre or mental way.

But like, among these people, all executives, successful working for a company worth billions.
Last time I worked in a marketing department was in 2008-2011 I planned activities, organized exhibitions, parties, did a lot of work and it was amazing but so tough =(

I wonder if I should get back to work. I feel like a pickle, sitting at home. =(
I guess I need to do a lot more with my life this summer and plan a lot of stuff for winter too.

If I have another depressive winter, it will be a disaster as I get extremely suicidal in the freezing cold

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if anything it’s the other way around. I wish things would move quicker cuz there’s promising things on the horizon. And they definitely don’t involve being a billionaire!! Would hate that lifestyle sooo damn much. I think billionaires would envy me if they knew me real well.


I am a free person, and I have a different perception to you regarding what being successful means.
To me it means A) not being bound by social norms,
B) doing what you like and feels right.
I don’t like being in a hierarchical structure,neither above nor below.
I think that these executive clowns are overpaid.


I like this life, busy and successful. It gives me purpose I guess as I feel dead.

Anyway, now I am doing my work from home, and just having a simple life. It is Okay… Who knows.

Last time I got fired for lack of focus was horrible enough.

I am glad you are happy with your life.

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like what? why is success for you?

I like to blend in with society as I grow older.

I am not sure, happiness is success to me. contentment is success. I need to find out how to achieve these

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Not to get religious but your screen name has helped me find happiness. Eastern philosophy, Buddhism, Taoism . And my meds are very important. Being able to socialize well. All I’ve been through and now I’m healthy has made me bad ass!!! I like who I am. Money doesn’t hurt. As long as I have enough. Don’t need billions. Not putting too much pressure on myself anymore. A lot more but those are the basic things. And my sports teams winning is very important :neutral_face:

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I’ve only been picked on once in the past 18 months. And that was two days ago when I was having a bad day. But I chocked it up as “he’s a loser and an ■■■■■■■ taking advantage of me on my worst day in the past year” rather than “damn I suck”. That helps a lot. Being able to stand up for myself now. I may not seem intimidating on first glance, but mess with me and I will slice your eyes :eyes: out

Dide chill ??? :anguished:

I’m only joking about slicing peoples eyes out. Lol :joy:. But if ppl try to take advantage of me I will throw it right back at them twice as hard. It comes naturally now after years of abuse.



Or I will kill em with my kindness :blush::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::joy::neutral_face:

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