Do you feel like a ticking time bomb?

It’s not healthy to be detached from the community you live in.

Medication makes us and other people safe apparently

But, that does not excuse allowing people to be cut off from the community completely

My count is 9 years, and the only people who have stuck by me is because they’re family

I have been listening to people online on YouTube talk about this shooter business in the US, and a lot of the commentary is questioning why this person was allowed to carry on despite all of the ‘red flags’

Now, I am not saying I am going to do anything bad for clarity, but it makes me worried that lack of support from my local community is exactly the kind of behaviour that not only has consequences for people like me, but potentially society as well

So why are people allowed to be isolated from their community?

Online is fine and everything, but where we live is important, and we need connections with real people in our lives


I like being with people. I live alone now that my mom is dead, but I go to rehabilitation day services three days a week where I’m socializing.


I don’t believe isolation will make me rabid. I did but realized I was delusional. I like to text my siblings and call my mom every day but see very little of people, mostly just a cashier. There’s no reason I can’t get with others who play a musical instrument and jam, except there’s no local paper with a classified section, no, there is one and I’ve got to work up the courage to place an add.

I drift away from other people. I don’t think I am in any trouble now, but the times in my life where I was worst was after a prolonged period of isolation.

I think there’s many reasons in modern western society but it really is isolating and most people are all about their little world. It’s sad but we’ve had problems since the industrial revolution and everyone moving from an agricultural economy to a city based one. Just the way our capitilistic society works. People are frozen out of things and it’s hard to get back into them…

Still. I think you need to be proactive about it. Otherwise it’s rare that others will seek you out. Online is ok for making connections to people you meet or will know in real life. Family is good but friends help with modern existence.

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I have some anxiety this evening. You know how I’m always encouraging others to push their limits? I just took my own advice.


One panic attack tonight so far, but I’m locked into tomorrow. The plan is to get in, deliver, and get the hell out. Then there will be root beer.

Ticking time bomb, though? Nope.

I do not engage with my community. I am friendly to the store workers and try to be plesant by waving or nodding with a smile to people, but i do not seek out people.

I have 1 friend in person. She’s also my boss.

I am known by some because i am a librarian. Those people do say hi if they see me when I’m out. But I don’t tell anyone my business.


I always felt more like a dud than a ticking time bomb. I don’t know. Maybe I could go off if certain things happened, but as along as people leave me alone I won’t touch them.

i too feel isolated from true socialization. whenever i go anywhere i shy away from people because i feel less than totally welcome.

i work and live independantly but still this goes on and on.

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That’s one aspect. In my case despite having a network of friends, family and acquaintances I find myself voluntarily isolating myself more and more.

I generally can look normal in social situations or look like someone with some form of anxiety disease. But the sz doesn’t stop me from socializing it just stops me from becoming closer with people and building relationships because the tactile hallucinations make me feel extraordinary pain when I try to make relationships and the delusions become unbearable (I think I have anxiety and feel nervous).

I get to be social at work, although I only work as a temp I’m working about 20% average per month. It’s a shop, so pretty social.

I also have a favorite diner in town where I eat regulary and do my crosswords. Sitting there I get connected to the community. I hear other people chat, I engage with the staff a little and see people come and go. Does wonders for me and gets me out of the house as well. I guess if I go there long enough maybe I’ll be at greeting terms with the regulars, alhough I’m not aspiring to that.

If I didn’t have my job though I guess I would probably go to the local mental health club. It’s drop in, so really low key. On their web page it says stop by for a cup of coffee or something like that. Maybe I’ll drop by one day soon anyways, just to test it out.

I do have 4 people I consider very close friends. But two of them are busy raising a familiy, one moved to another city that is pretty far away. Like 8 hours drive. And the last one is working full time, has a boyfriend and a dog. I see her occasionally though. We tend to go for walks together every once in a while.

Having said that there have been many times in the past where I have felt lonely with no one to turn to. I guess I’ve gotten used to keep my own company. But after I started the visit diner thing on a regular basis I feel less lonely.

i live in the woods

im comfortable with it because there is no one you have to really interact with

i am on edge though and could use a person to talk to

my treatment team is good though 3-4 times a week

i live with my mother too so she can help me stay safe

but neighbors dont talk and workers at local business dont really make an effort to interact

it could be just me afraid of people reading my mind or when i look at their eyes they can see my soul

a ticking time bomb right now the flame is about an inch from the bomb

I feel like a time bomb that has already exploded and investigators are trying to piece it back together to find out more about it but all they can determine is that its really fuc ked up

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