Do you feel less depressed when you are in a relationship

i havent had a girlfriend in about 5 years and i think it is why i am so unmotivated and never want to do anything and just feel depressed and numb emotionally all the time i dont really have friends either except for a few people i talk to online but i wonder if i went out there and tried to find me a girl if it would make me happy or if i am just permanently numb, i dont believe in drugs for depression because it doesnt really seem like a chemical thing more just my life is this way because of certain aspects like money friends and how i feel about life and maybe some other stuff

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i never had one. it’s not worth being depressed over.


I don’t think I am depressed because I don’t have one I just am wondering if I had one would I be less depressed if I had one

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maybe. but affordable reliable anti-depression meds do the same job.

lol I will never take an antidepressant even when I am suicidal

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A partner should make you happy more often than they make you unhappy (we are all human) although if they are making you depressed then that’s not healthy. Yes I think you will be more happy with a girlfriend if she’s right for you, as would I.

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Depends on what is going on in life.

It is of up most importance that the individuals are taking care of themselves as well as each other.

It’s hard for someone who is depressing to be attractive. It can also be comforting to someone who struggles similarly, I suppose.

Anyways, I know girls like having an exciting time that isn’t so much about the greater nonsense of ■■■■■■■■ about life or the past. Escapism… except they do get real deep every once in a while.

I find romance exciting… however I also like coffee, cigs, and booze… between all of those things there are bound to be some not-so-graceful occurrences where everything gets upset.

I mean I’m not depressed and I’m single. It does always help to have friends of the opposite gender and at least that potential for some kind of romance brimming somewhere for me.

I also know a lot of dudes who are done with that ■■■■… they’re happier on their own and they know it. They’re disgusted by the thought of giving another woman all she wants just to have her leave.

For me though… Real life starts with a relationship… Not saying this life is too bad, but I’d like ongoing company and I know that only a female really fits into that.

A chick will let me just be the guy, in the more classical sense, if I’m showing her respect. I don’t have to worry about the ego complex beyond being well mannered… in that sense where dudes have a tendency to cut each other down… it’s like I just want to find a cool chick to mellow out with… keep the excitement all private and not so much for show.

I’ve thought over all this crap for years… I just feel to prepared for it at this point to not want it.


I’m myself in either situation. I’m prone to depression, and since it’s depression, and not sadness, it comes and goes regardless of what’s going on in my life. I can be depressed without a partner, which I was for 12 years. Or, I can be depressed with a partner, which I have been during my current relationship/marriage of ten years.
My husband doesn’t make me feel bad and he doesn’t make me feel better. I might blame him or give him credit depending sometimes, but looking over all the years I know I’m going to struggle sometimes either way.

I rarely get sad also depression sucks i have been dealing with it before mi by using drugs everyday but now i cant do any drugs or else my symptoms will go crazy i at least feel some temporary joy when i was with friends but now having no friends i don’t feel anything

Being in a relationship was insane for me. It was like when I was with him all the awful stuff in me just went quiet. I felt at peace. No pain, no extreme aggression. Hormones do crazy things.

They should learn how to put that in a pill.

they can make a pill that creates the controlled hallucination of a loving partner to be in a relationship with you so u can feel that way all the time but i think its impossible to make a pill that can make you hallucinate only one thing and it be good all the time would be pretty crazy tho most probably wouldn’t take it because everyone around you will be concerned about your relationship with a person that isn’t real i am really overthinking this

I feel equally depressed no matter whether or not I’m part of a romantic partnership. It also doesn’t help that some of the pharmaceuticals I take blunt my emotions.:sweat:

If I would be less depressed I could be in a relationship, meantime…

I usually feel worse because my boyfriends never seem to be who they say they are.

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Maybe even the age makes a difference too you know?
When I talk to guys who are over 40-42 and not married, they never want to be in serious relationships anymore and most have kids and had a bad experience with their partner.

Me personally, find myself happier in a relationship but angry too for whatever that does not happen in reality as it happens in my mind. But life/ relationships are compromise.

I am glad thou there are guys/men ill or not who still want to have a gf - like a partner to be with and have fun with. It is cool ^^ But some people are much happier single so not sure :slight_smile: pros and cons in both!!

I feel more depressed when I am in a relationship.

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I was in lots of relationships before I got diagnosed and they didn’t make me feel less depressed. I was half a person trying to be a whole one all the time.


A lot could depend on the relationship.

Are you really looking for a relationship, or are you looking for a mate to be something you need them to be instead of what they really are, which is an individual separate from you?