Do you feel important?

I don’t know, my friends tell me they like me and I would be a loss not being in their life. But in the whole of existence I don’t feel important, I am one of many. A number in the files of burocracy. What is your thought about the issue importance ?

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I’m a nobody and that’s okay.

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“Nobody” is important :sweat_smile: I remember a comedy Western movie called nobody. This guy took on a whole clan and nobody helped him.

I feel important to my friends and family, and that’s all that really matters.

“If you got someone to miss you. Then count your blessings.” - Damian Marley

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Emily Dickinson.


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Sometimes I feel important - but I know I’m not.

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what’s up Nick?

it’s rainy and windy here in Iowa. almost 11:30 p.m.

my leaves will all be down, probably.

9:30 pm here. It rained most of the day. We’re in a drought so we really needed it.

yeah, I’ve been following it.

the jet streams go west to east,
but I always thought the Atlantic ocean, like Florida

was the big rain maker. not sure why the west coast isn’t producing.
somebody said it’s cuz no Gulf stream. idk.

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I actually undersood all that. We have the Pacific Ocean and the California Current. Cold currents mean not a lot of rain though through orographic lifting our mountains are usually wet. But I guess the rain shadow effect is partly to blame for the dry interior.

another reason to blame Mother Russia? just kiddin’. ha.

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