Do you feel global warming at your region?

We get terrible flooding every year now. It started in 2015 and has been getting worse and worse. Not great for all the local farms. Or all the local lake houses, but I’m not as worried about those.

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Hotter Minnesota summers and colder winters. I’m not sure what kind of world my nieces and nephew are going to inherit but I wonder.

haha I thought ud say something like that

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yes. warmest record breaking summers year on year since 2000

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State emergency and catastrophic fire danger conditions.

Scary stuff!

I am a coward.
I think it may be my ugliest quality but I’m not all ugly :open_mouth::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:I have some good to me.

I cried watching the news and what poor people have been through and how amazing they are.

Fire is agonising and might be the worst most overwhelming death to have.

Can’t believe my x boyfriend and how great he is .he is a fire fighter.
He is the best boyfriend I ever had but he is not the best sex I ever had.

I hope he forgives me all my wrongs and will be my friend.

If he found out I pretty much suggested marriage to the best sex I had he might be upset with me.hope he never finds out.i don’t know what flew in to me.its just my heart clicked with this x .

Praying we don’t have fires here and that we get to keep our electricity.
I don’t have a torch or lighter .

Glad my sacred neigh has a dam in her paddock.
Not much I can do for her really.
Admire those I agist of and all their staff for taking such good care of all their agistes.

They say it’s only spring.
This summer may feel very long.
Hope not.

I am such a pu ssy.
Worst coward perhaps but I’m terrified of bush fires .

I hope great inventions are invented to help us.
Help us with improving environment and fight fires , grow good food etc

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That’s funny this has been the coldest November on record since the early nineties. But I must say most winters have been much more mild than the way they were a long time ago. The winters in the 1970s were just brutal. So yes overall it does seem to be getting warmer here.

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first time Climate Change has been linked to world and local disasters on the BBC News this past week

Floods in UK, Fires in Australia and flooding of Venice all out spoken for the first time as direct cause of extreme weather

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My country is on fire.

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I feel global shrinkage in my pants. :cold_face:

We’ve had an extremely cold November, with record setting lows. Its usually around 48 degrees farenheit and we’re having lows in the single digits. Not usually much snow now either.

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They say that climate change will cause hotter hot temperatures, and colder colds. In our neck of the woods it has been doing exactly that. A while back we had two unprecedentally hot summers back to back, and now we’re suffering winter like weather in mid fall.


yes @crimby I don’t like how cold it’s been this week…

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The autumn leaves were just reaching their peak coloration, and the cold weather made all the leaves fall off. What a disappointment.


Funny how all of this is predicted by sunspot cycles.

We’ve been trending towards more severe weather. Cities near me have funding to prepare though. It’s pretty well known science around here.

It is possible. But right now I am experiencing apartment freezing. My apartment furnace kicked the bucket. Right now it is 66.4 degrees fahrenheit in my living room. Before, it was 57degrees fahrenheit, but I turned the oven on, open the oven door and put my big fan in front of it.

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