Do You Feel Detached From the Real World

After 30 years almost entirely with some type of psychosis I have trouble relating to the Real World. My voices are barely there now and it is difficult to fit in to society because I have been dealing too long with the one in my head. Outside the group home I have no friends left and my family has become more distant from me. My Mom is struggling with her health and I’m afraid I’ll have no one to talk to when she is gone. There is a lot of anxiety outside of the few familiar places I go and I feel like a person who has been in prison a long time. Do any of you feel this way.


Yes I do as well. My psychosis started when I was 16/17, and now I am 35 still having symptoms after all this time.

I think you’re right about the dealing with your own mind taking over the meaning of the real world.

What’s it like in a group home?

Sometimes I wonder if I could make some meaningful relationships with people in a setting like that.

But then I remember that out of the dozen or so times I have been an inpatient, only the once were the patients in a sense a small community

To be brutally honest most of the guys here are barely in the World. All are addicted to caffeine and tobacco and their next smoke, or drink are often the highlights of the day. Some barely talk and others talks nonsense. I eat the most in this house and everybody else are on extreme diets except one guy whose stomach surgery keeps him from gaining weight. Occasionally there’s a good conversation but most of the time there is not.

I used to feel really detached from the world but now that feeling is less.

I still feel like I’m just acting to fit in when I go outside and interact though.

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Do you have to move out of your group home or can you carry on living there?

Sorry im bit confused

Off meds I do but not on meds.

I can carry on living here as long as I behave, and as long as it exists. With the current economic conditions in the US there is a real fear of the place possibly closing down some day.


When i came out of group home i found things hard still do so i hope it carries on for you living there. Yes life is hard with so many problems and mentally ill suffer a lot more than most

I feel detached from the world anc that I don’t fit into society but i don’t want to fit into society and the box they may want to put me in.

I don’t want to be submissive or obedient and i don’t agree with society hierarchy and morals or the way animals and environment are treated.
I’m vegan.

I can’t even walk my dog comfortably because there’s people everywhere.

I feel people try to dominate and supress me and think they are my superior but i don’t agree.

I’m uncomfortable with my family and mostly can’t stand being with them because they don’t value me and supress me.

I am uncomfortable around most people and avoid most people.

I have a few Facebook friends that I think I have similar beliefs as but we don’t know each other well we just met online and share memes and like each other’s posts.
I love my Facebook friends but we don’t know each other as such… don’t chat or email or hang out etc

I’m grateful I’m able to buy groceries and go to hairdresser etc
That makes me able to be more independent.

My x in sa I always thought was my closest but we have opposite morals and political views.

I will not do as he tells me unless I agree and want to.

I tried going to the gym but stuck up socialites were excluding me.
Couldn’t even say g’day.
They were army like with their hierarchy beliefs and just not my type of people so I couldn’t go and had to quit the gym.

Wish there was a gym for me with my type people where im comfortable and welcome and included.

Now I will try exercising at home but it’s difficult get myself to do it.

Yeah im a outsider I guess.

And maybe a outsider of outsiders even.

Im a minority I think.

In aged care they talk about inclusion and empowering the old person and that goes for mental health too but reality isn’t always that way .

I could probably do care work for right person if I’s not impossible.

But yeah …. Me and society …. Ha ha ha ha ha

Golly knows if I get old and if I have no loved ones …
Hopefully I will be able to care for a dog atleast.
The dog will be my loved one and i theirs.

But I feel it.
I really do.

I couldn’t stand a group home and being around people all time.

My friend lives in group home but he doesn’t eat with the others and keeps to himself in his room with his plants.

I was actually doing pretty good at interacting with society until two years of hiding from a virus left me out of practice. I’m having to ease back into it now. I’m mostly detached by choice, but I’m trying to keep up that minimum of interaction that is needed for personal health, while also trying to maintain social health and capital. It involves additional panic attacks these days.

I’m working on it.

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