Do you feel comfortable on social media?

Sometimes being on social media creates anxiety in me, but I have trouble pulling away. I don’t like feeling like all eyes are on or could be on me, and it certainly has contributed to my mental illness.


i dont have facebook or twitter or any other social media

this site is the only one i frequent

i get paranoia that people can see me threw my camera on my computer and dont like having people judge me


I have Facebook, but only use it to watch church virtually. I really don’t like Facebook though.


I have social media but try to only check it seldomly. I don’t have many friends so it probably helps. I try to talk to friends on text. I usually go on to check groups and get the update periodically.

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I use whatsapp and messenger but no social media like fb and insta.


I generally feel comfortable on social media but I don’t take it very serious or get very personal on it.

On Facebook I usually just post my weird jokes, or latest clothing finds. And I generally refrain from posting anything political or engaging in political debates. Just not my thing.

So I basically just keep it light and fun. Which I believe is what all these social media sites were intended for.


I’m comfortable on Facebook, but not Twitter. I was stalked and harrassed on Twitter by an ex friend and her buddies.


I impulsively deleted my facebook for this reason, something I regret deeply. I can’t get back my old friends becasue we’re all out of high school and I’m not connected to most of the people who padded my friends list in real life. So there was a huge social opportunity I squandered. Now I’ll have to rebuild a small group of close family members or something like that because I’m not in college; lesson, don’t impulsively delete your social opportunities.


I use social media to connect with other photographers, other AA members, other amateur broadcasters, and to keep up with friends. It is enriching my life. Avoid fighting with strangers and it can be a lot of fun.


I don’t feel uncomfortable on social media but I do feel uncomfortable amoung people outside such as I can’t go to the gym and I feel uncomfortable walking my dog because there’s people everywhere and I feel like they try to supress me a lot of the time.

Sometimes people are nice out but mostly it’s unpleasant n like they think they are so superior.

I used to be able to say Gday to everyone but now it’s not often I can say Gday with bad vibes like “iiiim better than yoooouuu” likd a brat having tantrums.

I’m uncomfortable around my family too as they supress me .

Only person socialise with is my boyfriend and that’s weekends.

Rest of the time I’m alone with my dog in apartment.

I don’t believe in hierarchy and morals as mainstream majority of society does so I’m a misfit n misfit out of misfits ….

I don’t want to be obedient or submissive to anyone but because of my gentle nature people want to dominate me and supress me and disarm me as I am unarmed and non violent.

I feel so uncomfortable around most people.

I will pray for people that I feel comfortable with to come into my life.

Who are comfortable with me and let me be myself without trying to dominate n supress n twist my arm etc


Never from the beginning -


Skipped them all.

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Have you tried doing volunteer work? It’s a great way to meet genuinely nice people who care about improving the lives of others.



Been there done that.

I loved ladies at boomerang bags as they care for the environment like me and I felt comfortable having a chat with them but I can’t sew independently so no point.had to quit because it was half a hours drive to get there and because I needed someone helping me constantly which ment person helping me couldn’t work.

I volunteered at salvos but a girl talked down at me and disrespected me.
They were doing hierarchy at end which I’m not wanting a part in.
When I started salvos the manager was so cool anc against hierarchy and could chat with her.
Next manager I loved anc shd spoiled me but she was into hierarchy as was another girl so I didn’t like the way they treated me.

The boss knows what work needs to be done.
They can ask do you want to do that and I can say yes or no but they are not to talk down at me thinking they are better than me and superior etc.
I’m not ok with that.

I have difficulties walking my dog because there’s people everywhere let alone volunteering amoung people.

I feel a lot of people try dominating me and supress and talk down at me and I’m not ok with that so avoid them.

I rather be alone than be with people disrespect me etc and where I feel uncomfortable.

No.i will not volunteer.

I don’t want to because I don’t want to be treated badly.

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I’m not sure what you mean by dominating you?

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Supressing , talking down at , disrespecting , belittling, thinking they are superior…

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I removed all my friends on Facebook and just use it to read articles/pages I have liked.

Pretty much like a personalised news feed

Have had Instagram for a little while now, but I really don’t see the value of it

I scroll through it when I am bored on my phone

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I have no social media. I don’t miss it at all, really. Never think about it. Had facebook for a while, but I fail see what it adds to my life. Plus I am prone to internet addiction and feel social media are not good for me. Plus I dont like how they deal with privacy and thus I don’t want to support it.


Why did you remove your friends?

My family who were friends on there were all point scoring off each other about who cares about my nan the most, and I got sick of the competition between them on FB

The other people who were my friends on there were random people from my high school who I didn’t talk to anyway

I have committed virtual suicide on FB a few times.

Only had 30 friends on there anyways

Like the news feed, and can do without seeing my family act arrogant to each other and fight all the time

It was really passive aggressive and I didn’t like it

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Most of the time i dont like it

Every now and then i feel ok with it

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