Do you feel bad/useless for having avolition?

Do you feel bad/guilty for not having a job because of avolition?

Do you feel bad for not being able to help out more around the house (chores and cooking) because of avolition?

Do you feel like you are useless because avolition stops you from doing stuff?


Yes. I feel useless. I do some stuff around the house, but not nearly as much as my husband. I feel badly about it, but it’s such effort to organize and clean everyday.

I used to have an Adderall prescription so then I was much more helpful. Now without it I feel useless. My mom took it away from me when she searched my purse and then thought I took too much but I have a very high tolerance. Now I don’t do anything. I feel useless. I don’t know if I really have schizophrenia but with this as a symptom I definitely have it.

I feel useless due to my being unable to work and earn money, but I do all the chores around the house and the cooking and shopping and driving - so I guess I’m not too useless!

Yes, for my isolating and not contributing enough to society. Its depressing.

Totally useless here but atleast I keep company

Its not pleasant to know things need done and then even if I get the energy to do it, I feel fatigued way sooner then I should be and it feels like pain to push to finish.

I do when my family forgets that it’s a symptom and I have to remind them that it’s not lazyness.

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